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Bubble Gum Kush Taste

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by greenterror, May 14, 2010.

  1. If you vape bubble gum should it taste like bubble gum? I bought some but its hard to tell if it is really bubble gum kush, doesnt really taste like it at all.

    I also got some Afghanica (below) I think - 1.5g for a dime. Will smoke tonight or tomorrow morning, anybody have a good experience with it?

  2. hard to tell from the pic but it looks like mids
  3. I just got some bubble gum kush, and it tastes more fruity than anything. Really awesome high.
  4. Maybe its just the lighting, but that weed dosnt look like Kush.

  5. i second that,looks like some chron chron to me,i had afgan and it more light green and frosty
  6. Yea man, i have to fumble with the smell to get bubblegum out of it a lot, even the bubblegum at my dispensary, smells more like fruit than bubblegum. When you vape it let us know what you get tho hahahaha
  7. ^^ that was some seriously constructive input jenova....

  8. Neither is your post....:rolleyes:

    But to the OP, bubblegum is a hard flavor achieve so most likely it wont taste like it and the name was probably just slapped on. But it will no doubt have a fruity taste to it.

    And for the Afghanica, I personally haven't had an experience with it but it looks like mids but a good smoke none the less.
  9. I've had bubblegum with light hints of actual bubblegum taste in it. Very sweet undertones.

    And that "Afghanica" looks like straight mids.

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