Bubble Cloner Lighting?

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  1. I have a bubble cloner that I made, I am having trouble getting the clones to grow roots. I have them sitting in front of 1 small CFL and 1 Small LED, I dont know if thats enough light but I am going to guess not? I have had no success with this bubble cloner setup compared to my old one. The only differences between the two would be my old one was used inside the tent with a 1000watt HPS and my new clone setup is not in a tent with way less lighting. I am also using a much smaller cheaper pump with a much smaller airstone (smallest cheapest stuff from walmart), I also used plugs made out of sponge rather than neoprene store bought ones.

    I am thinking of buying a larger pump with 2 large airstones to get more bubble action in the setup. I am also thinking I need the neoprene plugs rather than sponge as neoprene is water proof and keeps the bottom air tight. I figure if I do this it will make the root area much more damp and moist. I think if I do this and add some more lighting it may solve my problem?

    Can you guys give me some suggestions on a easy home built cloner setup, including the lighting? I would prefer to just use a handful of CFLs if possible.
  2. I haven't ran a cloner in a while the one i used to run had mist nozzels it it so no idea on bubble cloner. The light i used was a 2 bulb t8 shop light fixture from home depot i think i got the grow bulbs there too worked pretty decent. Ymmv
  3. thanks for the reply, do you know if this light setup would work for clones? LED from walmart

  4. Me personally i would go with a t5 or t8 style bulb the led bulbs that those fixtures use i dont think would work well. Ymmv

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