Bubble Cloner Help! (Is this normal?)

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  1. I think I've messed up my clones once again. :(

    This past Friday I cut 20 clones from my mother plants and went about trying my Oxy Cloner for the first time. I followed the instructions perfectly, and watched a bunch of videos to make sure everything I was doing was right.

    Even my nutrients were diluted and done perfectly. I also used some Clonex.

    It's now been 6 days and I don't have a single root. But what I do have is this weird white crystal buildup on almost all of my clones. This doesn't look like the white slime/sludge everyone else is taking about but rather hard a crystalized substance. Almost as if a bunch of minerals have been building up. (you'll see it in the photos below).

    Here's my problem, I'm now just realizing that I had all of my clones submerged in the water. Also, I think my water might be too hot (its on a seed heating pad).

    -Anyone know what this is or what's causing it? Are these salvageable?
    -Should I have my clones above the water?

    Any help would be great!

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  2. ummmm whhhhhy is the cloner on a heating pad? remove it
  3. Because my basement is freezing. I was trying to control the temperature in there. The temperature in the tent is only about 74, but I believe the heating pad is making it much hotter.

    Should I continue with these or cut new clones?
  4. a heating pad under the cloner is just going to be heating up the nutrient solution.
    people tend to do everything they can to NOT heat up the nutrient solution.

    I fill my nutrient solution so its below the plants not touching. the air stones splash water up to the plants

    I usually see roots around 10-11 days
  5. Ahh, gotcha. This is the type of info I'm looking for.

    So, your suggestion is that I remove the heater, and keep the stems just above the water level so that the water is bubbling onto them and they're not submerged?
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  6. 10-4
  7. I'd check the temperature of the nutrient solution.

    I believe 18-25 degrees. (I think thats 60-80?)
  8. Any advice on the current clones? Should I ditch them and start over? Are they salvageable?
  9. I'm really not sure.

    mine have never had that sludgy looking film yours has. I'm assuming from being under water.

    how do the plants look? healthy? happy?

    I can't make them out in the purpley picture
  10. They actually look pretty much identical to the day I cut them. The leaves are firm and upright, and they still have a good smell. Honestly, you'd never know anything was wrong by looking at the top.

    My concern is that this white crystallization of substance is going to prevent any roots from growing outwards.
  11. I'd let them do there thing for another like 8-10 days, see what happens.

    definitely remove the heating pad. you do not want the nutrient solution getting warm

    definitely lower the water. I usually set a timer for every couple hours and check the clones when I make an adjustment to water. In my cloner if the water is too low on clones with no roots they will dry out. so there is kind of a sweet spot for the water level until they grow roots. thats how mine is anyway.
  12. I don't know why I didn't even ask.

    where did you get the water from that you used in the cloner?
  13. I appreciate your help so, so much.

    It's hard to find people willing to assist, but this community has been great.

    I think this is my plan of attack for tonight:

    1) I'm going to fully change the water and go only 50% on my nutes solution.
    2) I'm going to remove the heating pad
    3) I'm going to lower the water level so the stems are just touching it.
    4) I'm going to remove 4 of the clones (the ones I feel have the most buildup) and replace them with 4 new clones that I'll cut tonight.
    5) I'm going to monitor the temp of the water, worrying less about the temp of the grow tent.

    Any suggestions on my light? It's a 50w LED meant for growing clones and seeds, and I've got it on 24 hours a day right now but it's about 2 feet from my plants. Once I see roots I was going to go down to a 20/4 schedule.
  14. I used distilled water that was purchased from Walmart. I made sure the PH was 5.8 before using. I think tonight I'm going to go with a mix of half distilled, half tap.
  15. stick with the distilled for now if you have it
  16. I do have it! Will do.

    Fingers crossed.
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    This sounds like a good plan.

    I always put my clones/vegging plants/mothers on 18/6 I've never done 24/0. soooooo I vote 18/6 but I'm sure there are people who would tell you 24. personally I think the dark period is important for root development.

    I use tap water in all my hydroponics. But I live in northern Canada in a town with a population of 900. the water here is legit clean enough to drink straight out of the lakes/rivers.

    If you plan to use tap water. leave it out in a container for 12-24/hr to evaporate chlorine/chemicals. also depending on your location (big cities) probably not recommended to use tap water. and test it for PH and EC regardless of where you are
  18. Sounds great!

    Thanks again for your help. I think I might try the 18/6 lighting schedule too. What harm can come from mixing it up? I'm not seeing roots after 5 days (and you'd think I'd see at least 1) so I need to keep mixing it up until I get the best results.
  19. oh also. I'm not sure what nutrient line your using. but for my clones I use GH flora series. 1ml of each (micro,gro,bloom *in that order*) to about 3 gallons of water. which is like way under 1/4 strength.

    Good luck!
  20. I'm using advance nutrients. I think I was doing about 2.5ml per gallon. I'm going to really water that down by 50% tonight.

    Funny, I tried cloning the old fashioned way with a dome and some rapid rooter and was getting no results, so I gave up and went with the bubble cloner. I left my dome unattended for about 4 days and when I came back a bunch of them had rooted, so in fact it was working and I was just impatient.

    Never the less, it was still huge victory. So now I've got my tent split in half with 50% of my guys in solo cups (and the roots are going crazy) and the other 50% are the new clones in the cloner. I'm just trying to take baby steps and master each stage of life.

    I've also ordered in about 15 seeds to try from scratch.

    All things considered, it's a lot of trial and error and I'm ok with that. I think that's half the fun.
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