bubble clone then aero any help?

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    Hi I am starting my first aero setup using an 18 gallon rubber made tub and a sprayer manifold with 15 360 sprayers. Currently my clones are in a DIY bubble cloner and are 6 days old thay are looking good on super mild nutes and ph balanced water. I chopped the big leaves fingers in half and left the rest. Thay wilted alot at 6 hrs and were perked back up buy the next day. All looks good now. A little yellowing but still no roots or bumps. I know its still early. Any suggestions? All is welcome this is my first venture away from soil.
  2. Run your aero tub for 20-30 minutes; check for leaks. (if you havn't already)
  3. I ran it for a hour or so a little leaking where the lid meets the tub. fixed it buy layering some electrical tape to make the lid seal tighter
  4. Haha, only reason I brought it up is because my sprayers made mine leak as well. Does it still leak with the tape? I never got mine to really stop leaking, and just scrapped using tubs; might want to try again if yours got to working with that fix.
  5. In my tests it seems to be working heres what I got now. Once that root ill know more about the aero because ill have it up and running:hello:

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  6. Here is the electric tape seal job. I did it in red so you can see it its a little sloppy but worked so far

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  7. hi there.
    can anyone tell me how many hours the pump will work in this aeroponic clone process a day ?
  8. All the time, or broken up in short intervals(15 minutes~) in a 24 hour period. You need to keep the roots wet

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