Bubble buckets

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  1. Hi i've been reading up on bubble buckets and i am planning to start a crop with a few i understand how to build one and maintain it my question is how do you start the seeds after germination. Would you start it in soil till it sprouts and wash away the soil or what? Also i would like to know what kind of nutrients you use and any other hints you have. Also i have already read the faq at overgrow.
  2. use a rockwool cube.. you getem real cheap over at ebay, like 30 for 8.50.
  3. I'll back up that answer as well...........

  4. Rockwool cube soaked with water and a light hydro nute solution. It'll come on up just fine. place in your grow pot after the roots start to poke out and fill the pot up with the red ball rocks. Keep the water level high enough so that the bubbles mist the rocks/roots. Once the roots hit the water you can lower the water level some. And then watch out, that baby will take off
  5. Could not have said it any better........

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