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  1. I germ'd seeds in 2" rockwool then plugged into 4" all in a humidity dome...once I had around 5-6 roots coming out the bottom I moved them to their bubble buckets. They have been in the bubble buckets for 4 days but no signs of roots coming out the bottom of the net pots yet. They are working on their 4th set of leaves. Im just wondering how long til the roots come out the bottom of the net pots.
  2. They'll make it, just give them time. Make sure to keep the rockwool moist but not too drenched. Fill the bucket to just under the rockwool until they poke out then lower it to just under the net pot.

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  3. Roots will usually grow around an inch or two a day. If this isn't happening then most probably the rockwool is too wet. Rockwool has this issue in almost every hydro system. There's no need for rockwool if you are growing in clay balls, that's a much better medium than rockwool so just use that next time. For now though just try not to have the waterline too high to cause the rockwool to take on too much water. I plant my germinated seeds straight in to clay balls and fill the DWC reservoir right to the top 

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