Bubble Bucket Vs EBB & flow?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by carnival, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. Originally I was thinking of doing individual Bubble Buckets because I wanted to control buckets individuly encase of issues. I was going to run a BB with a res for topping off but it would need to be watched closer then a res but with a EBB and flow you can't adjust individual plants if something goes weird. Ontop of all these concerns I also want a system that can go a while and not have to worry if I want to leave for a few days. I want to run like 4 plants and a week without worry would be nice. I feel so chained. :eek:
  2. The larger your res on an Ebb and Flow, the longer you can go without adding water and the more your PH is buffered. I use a small system, 5 gal res. But I can still go 4-5 days without any attention when they're young, about 2 days when they're older and drinking more. That's with 4 plants btw.
  3. i run both at the moment but will be going to all BB in the next month or so. i found that the growth with a BB was faster than in my ebb and flow table.

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