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Bubble bucket systems and perpetual harvest ??'s

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by I have this, Apr 23, 2010.


    THat is a thread I posted in DIY about my idea, if one of you experienced guys dont mind taking a look that would be awesome.

    Also, I am thinking about doing 8 plants in 2 week pairs, so I am harvesting two plants every couple of weeks. Does anyone do this or something similar? Any advice or problems I might face?

    Thanks, happy Shakespeare's birthday :wave:

  2. I dont really know what the buble bucket system is after reading your link above.

    I have heard reference to it a shit load of times on this site and i gathered it was the same as aquaponics but instead using a single bucket to each plant instead of using a large capacity tub for multiple plants.

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