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  1. no grows under my belt so this may seem like a dumb question but what are the disadvantages of having a bb system w/ no sight indicator and drain b/c i have no drill and dont wanna buy one, sorry still learning

    trying to do a 1 bucket system no res.........so what i got so far is that you mix the water/nut sol. and have it sit in there where the roots can meet them but no be absoultely submerged, the air pump gives the plant oxygen along w. the water/nut, but what i dont get is wont the root drink the water, therefore having you the add water/nut frequently? thanks for any help
  2. i grow in hydro dwc buckets. I dont have a drain or sight glass/tube on them. I change the nute solution every week adding ph corrected water only during the week to top them off. My water level is 1 inch below the net pots. Any more questions feel free to pm me:D
  3. you dont need a water level indicator, I dont have one either. It would be nice though, to see how much the ladies are drinking. I refill my solution once a week as well, this helps to keep everything clean.
  4. i saw a guy in the journal sec. with black bucket but a white top, i guess thats alright b/c the light reflects back onto the top of the system right? juss wanna know cause i have a blk bucket but cant find any black tops and dont wanna spend $ on tape, btw iamma get my system started in about 1-2 weeks w pics so check me out in the grow sec. very soon
  5. The drain isn't necessary, but makes it much easier to change your solution. Check out Rumpleforeskin's bubblebucket thread. It will answer all your questions.....

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