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    could i 'top' my plant, and stick the top directly in DWC bucket and it root itself then begin growing in the pellets? or am i best to use a diy cloning machine? would it work much differently than if i just topped a bit off, stuck it into the water with air? let it veg a few weeks in bubble bucket, then switch lighting to 12/12 and let her be? while the bottom half of plant remains in the pot outside, as ive ran out of places to keep her and guerilla is too risky... though i could easily have one plant inside, but smaller, ive ordered autos that i was going to use instead, one at a time but i fucking love this plant, id love to harvest her with my 3gal dwc bucket indoors... if possible... or would the autos arriving prob by wednesday be quicker to harvest? because i imagine taking an outdoor plant, toping, then turning indoors, then flowering in a short amount of time can be stressful? point is i want to use my dwc bucket for practice :D go with auto seeds or topping my kandy kush?


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