Bubble Bucket Method

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  1. Kudos to R Foreskin for the detailed assembly instructions.

    Let me see if I have the actual DWC method correct:

    Build BB :)

    Start Klonez in 1\4 strength nutes

    Check PH/EC/TDS and temp every day

    Drain BB and replace nutes every 7-10-14 days.
    (when should I increase the nute strength and by how much?)

    Let them Sweetiez grow til I canna stand no more...:p

    Take a big ol' flippin' hit and "lurk" out the window.....

    (and by the way: this here forum and ever'one on it are rated at "exceptional Human Beingz")
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    that's pretty much it...i would suggest a few less ezclone sprayer though..that many is not needed...6 in a 5 gallon bucket would jam...the root's can only take in so much anyway...this will save you cash on the pump as well, less sprayer head's = more pressure..and pump's cost increase by the pressure..less presure less cost..
    also try "oneness" from humboldt... it is a one part nutrient good for cloning, seedling's, vegging and blooming..it has lockout buffer's, ph buffer's and micro in it to...
    just about every chem you could think of for MJ growth...nothing else to buy..
    just ramp nutes with growth then flush at the end before harvest..i really love this stuff..only about 20 a bottle to..
    use r/o water or distilled..i use r/o in my aero/dwc system and dwc cloner..add my nutes then adjust ph first before i get started growing..


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