Bubble Bucket Mediums

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  1. What is a good medium for a bubble bucket?
    Would gravel suffice? or is a substrate vital?
  2. Im not sure "how" important the medium is, but i use the Brown Lava Rocks. My mate uses vermiculite, but i reckon that stuff is just messy.

    Gravel should work i suppose. I think the lava rocks have the ability to hold water, and gravel doesnt?
  3. Hydroton works best, but lava will do the job. Make sure to cook your lava rock before using it, to kill what ever lives.

  4. im a fan of hydrotron as well. stuff works great, and is reusable (except for the stuff thats so tangled in the root balls, i dont go after it, too much work.)

    I rinse mine out really well ( to get rid of all the brown dust that will collect when you dont.. oops! another thing i learned the hard way) cooking is prolly not a bad idea also!
  5. I ment cook the lava rock, not the hydroton:D
  6. Oooops, sorry,
    I use the Hydroton balls not lava rocks... :eek:

    I thought the Hydroton balls were called Lava Rocks for some strange and obscure reason, anyway now the guys have shown me, thats what i use.

    Rinse the Hydroton balls really well first.
  7. I am just looking for some feedback and suggestions on my grow room in general.

    As to grow mediums, anyone have any info on the pros and cons of Lavarock vs. Hydroton?

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