Bubble bucket hydro method 101

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  1. I usually leave my water half an inch bellow so that the roots that haven't reached to the water are still able too. At least until the plant has enough roots then I start to lower the water level about an inch
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  2. Cool man thanks that's about how far I have it so the 3 roots or so that are in the water will be ok??
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  3. Ok cool that's what I did now the problem I'm having is my ph levels went up to about 7 I'm only using 1/2 strength nutes should I add more nutes or just keep it as it is since I already adjusted the ph back down. I'm planning on changing out the water next weekend
  4. If it's your first time growing , i would recommend AN pH perfect nutirents
    I've been using them and they keep my ph levels at 5.5-6.0 for about 7 days. Never had to add ph up or down. I was checking ph daily for about 2 weeks and it always stayed the same.
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  5. Ya that's what I was planning on using but the hydro shop that I go to over here gave me a sampler of planet naturals 3 part system for free, and since nutes are pretty pricey there's no need for a waste of good nutes lol. I did make the newb mistake of forgetting to check my ph for almost 4 days but even tho the ph was pretty high my seedling didn't show any signs of slowing growth. That's why I'm wondering if it's ready for full strength nutes, my ppm has been right around 560 if that's helps at all
  6. Free is always good. I don't think you should just yet. If things are going good, just let hem be. Wait until it's at least 6" tall.
  7. Sorry it's green planet not planet natural for the nutes
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  8. Haven't heard of them. Kinda funny though because I use blue planet nutes lol

    Kevieboys family adventure grow
  9. Ya it's already starting on its 3 set of leaves but it hasn't gotten any taller maybe I need to move the light away from it a bit?? It's about 20 in away. I was also wondering if I should cover up the rapid rooter with some more perlite I was gonna do it but I was just waiting for it to get taller, don't wanna damage the stem
  10. I'm growing 5 plants in a 30 gal tub. Once the plants get big, how much water a day will all of them soak up? Enough to where I have to refill daily?

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  11. With 5 plants in a 30 gallon I bet you can stretch it to every two days water top off. That would be max IMO though. They tend to drink water faster than nutrients and concentrate the solution. This causes them to burn themselves after a couple of days.
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  12. DWC bucket grow week 6 of flower HSO Bubba's Gift.

    From my experience with this strain, in a DWC system she grows 100% faster and she is more than 100% bigger, fuller and more dense than if grown in soil. I did a test on my current grow 4 plants. 2 in soil and 2 in DWC. I'll try to post a picture of the entire room later tonight 2 show the difference if I have time. all plants were clones started at the exact same time from the same mother. The growth rate in the DWC is beyond impressive. Buds are 10 times larger.

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  13. This is a shot from this morning they are ready to harvest now I'm just waiting for the trichs to amber up a little bit more

    The two ladies on the left were grown in soil and the two on the right were grown in DWC buckets. nearly identical nute schedules. 20161116_073919.jpg
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  14. image.jpg
    My bubble system. Two separate lines from the same box. This is my micro grow to see if I can manage a hydroponic system.
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  15. Does the Aero Cloner work for you well?
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  16. It worked great for a micro grow. The pink diesel only reached 13" and gave just over 2g
  17. IMG_1477.JPG 71" overall growth
    Orange Light
    Just preflowered a couple weeks ago.
  18. Blue Mystic
    56" over all
    Preflowered 2wks ago as well

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  19. Orange Light. Wk 12 of Flower.

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  20. IMG_1691.JPG Blue Mystic. Wk 13 of Flower.

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