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  1. Nice set up cheap is not always best I also have a bubble Ponic set up 5 all up each has 2 4 inch air stones and I have five sip pumps plus a big 4 way air pump which does the trick here is my girls 3 weeks into flower I use gh nutes only bloom and micro Iam cheap aswell on certain things and also I use the Lucas formula pics tell the story ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1446535578.071522.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1446535643.729346.jpg
  2. I have been developing a super simple, yet super effective bubbler set up for seedlings or clones.

    If you look at the various root ics here, 99% of the roots come directly out the bottom of the net pot. My method significantly improves on lateral root development, which will make for a sturdier plant, and a lot more roots to slurp nutes.

    I use 4 g totes an cut 6 each @ 3" holes using a hole saw<span>, which is perfect for 3" net pots. I start seedlings and clones in starter cubes (no longer necessary for clones). In th past I would simply place the the rooted cube in the middle of the net pot and side fill with small ornamental stones from Dollar store. always a great result, but like all the other pics, the roots only exit the bottom. Seems like that's leaving food on the table </span>

    I flipped through a few coco threads, and got the idea to replace the stones with coco. I bought a bag not realizing how fluffy it is. I had to contain it or it would soon fall out into the nutes. I had some heavy duty coffee filters<span> on hand which I lined the netpots with them and infilled with coco. The results were fantastic (see pics). I showed pics to my hydro store. They hooked me up with 3" coco inserts SWEET.</span>

    4 days ago I took some clones (pic #4) and decided to see if I could simply insert the fresh clones directly into the coco filled coco insert. Still no sign of stress. All ahead full

    Once my seedling/clones are ready, I move the best into my DIY Mini-Me F & D, which is a lot easier to work with once the plant gets big. However, sometimes I finish in my bubbler too

    Here are some pics. Sorry about the fuzzy pic, but it is obvious that roots are growing out all around

    Come by to see the action


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    Yo thats nice work there with them roots!
    Ima try this nex time i get some clones which will be a few months
  5. First, when responding, your comment goes outside the post

    Now, mostly yes. I think there is also a water level component. If the water line is below the net pot the roots will likely come out the bottom, so make sure you keep the water level high

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    Yea that would be my phone! Sometimes i cant even use the persons quote an i have to jus post questins, that never get answered. Lo
  7. Was just bouta ask where the water line should stop lls cool preciate it
  8. Okay sooo I'm new to BB and this is my first grow. I have 4 5 gallon buckets. I have been doing everything right or so I thought. My girls are auto flowers and they started out okay, but then they started stretching so I lowered my lights. But they still aren't growing as I see others who grow using BB. Can someone please help me figure out what I'm doing wrong?
  9. Whats params of the water PPMs, PH, temp, lights What are u using for nutes
  10. My ppms are 535 to 550, ph is 5.8 to 6.0, nuts Are FloraSeries at 1/4 strength, temp 70°to 75°, rh 35% to 40%, two 225 led lights, two florescent lights and they are about 2wks old today. How do I upload photos from my cell?
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    For the pics i use photobucket, u can also upload em useing the prompt at the bottom that sayes "more reply options" after u take the pics on ya phone u select choose file an follow the rest of the prompts. Interms of ya ladies give em time obviously they not dieing or on the way to sometimes things can seem slow along the way but me i pay very close attention to the smallest growth at the top of each site an jus make shure everythings still growing straight an a nice green color
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    Okay so I started out my bubble bucket grow 12/25/15 with 4 auto fem seeds. As of right now 1 died, 1 is on the verge and the other two are looking promising but I still don't know. Can anybody tell me how they are suppose to be looking at this stage? Because right now they are looking very under developed to me at this stage of the growth.

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  13. Those 2 look good to me

  14. Hand water until roots come out the bottom of the net pot. They'll find their way to the nutrient solution.
  15. This is my room with bubble buckets DWC... Its the way to go...

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  16. Here is footage from today.

  17. Does this method require a solution filled with nutrients?
  18. Yes it does. In DWC all nutirents are provided by us through the water
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  19. image.jpg What's up guys brand new here 1st grow ever. Got a quick question my seedling just hit a week old and now the roots are coming out of the bottom of the net pot how much should I lower the water level and when will the roots just be able to stay underwater.
    If you notice anything that I could be doing better plz let me know
    If it helps it's in a 5 gal bucket with 1/2 strength nutes under a kind k3

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  20. I drop my water about 1 1/2-2"

    Kevieboys family adventure grow

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