Bubble bucket hydro method 101

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  1. I have 1 5 gallon bucket with 5 netted baskets each holding 1 1.5" Rock wool cube surrounded by Canna Clay Pellets.i have a submersible pump perfect for a recirculating hydro system a 4" round air stone & for my 1st hydro setup from seedling -12 days they've grown 3 1/2" out of the Rock wool.im satisfied so far.
  2. A digital timer is a must for my top feed setup,a Heater,Fan,Mylar wrap to wrap your closet walls to maximize heat & T5 Flourescent lights with ballast u can pick one up @ Home Depot for $54.00.great price.General Hydroponics Flora Nova is the shiznit.
  3. Have u used any thing other then Gh? And mylar is for maximizing light reflectivity and not heat.
  5. Wut is GH?&I am only using Mylar,u can save yourself money & go to Walmart & grab some safety blankets they have Mylar for heat retention
  6. General hydroponics. GH. Im not trying to save money im telling you mylar is not for heat. Its reflectivity.
    How much are your blankets?
    I have a 50" roll that's 25' cost me 40$.
    Im trying to help you. Not question why
  7. 10-4 & thanx for the info,& yes Mylar is the way to go.
  8. I topped 2of my young ladies yesterday & they look great 24 hrs later.has anyone ever had an issue after topping a plant?
  9. I'm sorry but this has no gud info water about water temps and lighting humidity and stability of the pH there's a lot more science involved than Walmart cheap ways to have everything that can go wrong go wrong first off you can't get away with a Walmart air pump not enough air second you need a solid color air line so your not growing algee or nastys you need 1watt of air pump per gallon no exceptions more is better go big or go home you need coco rock or grodan cubes or other substrates can be used you really need great ventilation and temp controls or a bad ass water chiller to keep water at 68 degrees constant and your nutes I use Humboldt secret golden tree, orca, Dyna gro veg/bloom, Cali magic cal mag bud candy, ebson salt and sumtimes h2o2 the day before a change on the h2o2 change every ten days with reverse osmosis water add your own nutes its better this will not only increase yeild but quality keep humidity around 40-60% is a great idea and canopy of the plants at 75 and add co2 led lights produce co2 recommend g8led 900watt mega with two red booster UFOs and use dry ice in a crate container about your plants often also LST/ scrog I got all the info you could need to science and experimenting pH water to 5.7 and keep it there constant Dont waste your money on cheap things if you can help it your results depend on it and cheap doesn't last very long sorry bro I know your way will work but it can be too easy to screw it up and your plants die too much time devoted to this not to say something
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    Would this work as a good mesh pot substitute?

    Would the roots grow fine?

    Should I make the holes bigger?

    I live in a area that I have to Mcgayver it. I know there is the internet.
  11. No holes needed you have a pot without drilling through
  12. thanks! ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1432697792.182512.jpg

    I'm almost done!
  13. You need to tint that water level tube or make a cover would be best looks good I like it
  14. Dont forget the more air the better than not enough also the water in that bucket need to stay right around 68 degrees might need to insulate it or run a water pump into a cold water jug coiled up in a frige or just a water tube coiled in the freezer need to act like a super Frankenstein radiator to chill the water you will get better results with keeping the water at 68 degrees and won't have to worry as much with pH or root rot
  15. any recommendations for tinting? Maybe hot water and green food dye?
  16. No will not work not hot water keep water at 68 degrees and you should just make a cover it would be way easier
  17. You could take a peace of card board and tap it over it so you can still check water level but also can cover it
  18. An empty papertowel tube 😁
  19. Yep that works or tin foil
    Just something to black out the tube
    Keep in mind air stone and you need 1watt per gallon of air best to have 5watts per gallon
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