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  1. And thats just a little stressed to death clone i took from a previously flowered plant just to see how hard it would be to clone. Made a little machine with an air pump and a tobacco container. Then continued the experiment by adding nutes and upping the container size.

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  2. Oh. And its about a 2 gallon container.
  3. Maybe in soil, but the roots would get choked out an the plant would die. My guess is in hydro, the plants genetics would play a major role in size. Do u know what u have for seed/clone?
  4. Its critical from royal queen seeds. But like i said before thats a stressed out little clone from a flowered plant. More wondering how much plant i can keep in that bucket the way it is . Maybe im asking the wrong question all together. Noobs right lol. How much root could thrive in 1gallon of sloution. I figure 65% - 75% root taking up space for water will be pushing limits which i "guesstimate" will put that specific plant at about 2'6" . Would it choke at this capacity?

    Thanks for the input too guys. Your all a great help. Muchly appreciated.
  5. Heres a bit of an idea or something u can do tha math from. I got this plant from a dieing mother, the roots were getting choked out an she was a goner an mind u r suposed to take clones from the bottom of the plant an never a dieing donor plant started with a 3" clone an here she is today in a 5 gallon bucket with 2.5 gallons of water been running like that for a bit now shes comin back from a battle of root rot. image.jpg
    Shes either northern lights or jock horor.

    my roots were beautiful last night and when i got home from work today they were sickly yellow.

    I have to admit ive been winging the shit out of this experiment.

    I have no ph or ec/ppm meter so what the solution ended up being today is an unknown.

    Like i said its go box nutes ( @ 75% strength)

    And its just a 75 gallon fish tank pump from walmart

    I put plain water in to save it. ( hopefully)

    Please help fast!
    Last night

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  7. And this is about 10 mins after plain water was added

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  8. Hello grass city.
    i am growing 2 plants in a single dwc bucket( i had spent all my money on building the set up no money for second bucket net airpump and stones) i feed gh flora series nutes, epsom salt and just started using some pro tekt and hydrogaurd. i had noticed slimy shit building around my roots so i used h202 to weaken the slime a bit and waited a few days for it to decompose into pure water. Now i am using hydrogaurd to hopefully finish it off. my bucket was leaking light i fixed that now. Also recently purchased a nice Used portable a/c that bas fixed all my temp issues so now i can lower my 250w mh to 1.5 feet away. I have some wierd deformity happening to my leaves any ideas What it could be?

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  9. Looks to be a nute defiency for the most part ya plants look healthy, the white spots i would watch out for those look to be spider mites do a lil reasearch on them. As for the slimey roots what pump r u running? Sounds like u need a bigger one especially for 2 plants.
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    With the line of nutes u have i would also use cal mag, interms of the nutes an ppm have a look here this helped me so much due to this post i found out i was wasteing nutes big time. I really recomend this post here to get an keep the perfect PPM http://forum.grasscity.com/hydroponic-growing/1198022-how-determine-your-plants-preferred-nutrient-strength.html
    Your air pump is on high right? Also ASAP I would get another bucket an net pot to split up those plants that could lead to major problems down the road.
  11. Would cal mag increase the concentration 9f magnesium too much ? Because im also useing epsom salt for magnesium. Ill start testing tonight hopefully i can lock in the nutrient strength. Yes the air pump is on high. How hard would that be to do would it be easy to damage the roots by trying to seperate them? Chances of giving shock?
  12. [quote name="lordbuttcrack" post="21410034" timestamp="1426016745"]Would cal mag increase the concentration 9f magnesium too much ? Because im also useing epsom salt for magnesium. Ill start testing tonight hopefully i can lock in the nutrient strength. Yes the air pump is on high. How hard would that be to do would it be easy to damage the roots by trying to seperate them? Chances of giving shock?[/quote

    I dont know the amt cal mag has but yea it will if your also adding it seperate to tha cal mag. As far as the roots go its not good at anytime to stress ya plants but when their younger they can bounce back faster.
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    so last night i decided to clean out my roots and change res. i had been useing highgrades nutrient formulas plus a few ml more of the bottles wjile still keeping the ratios correct, but i was geeting nute deficencies so i also decided to change formulas. To make my life easyier i went with the lucas formula plus 1.25 ml epsom salt, 15ml of hydrogaurd and 1.25 ml of pro tekt Same as i was doing for the previous formula. My ppms were around 750 thats around 300 higher than i got by following highgrades formula And my plants seem to like it( observations are from only one night though) differences are small but they r there. Idk if i was doing something wrong with highgrades formula or something but it wasnt cutting it for me.
    heres a pic of over night differences. Mostly they are color changes in the lower growth of the plants.

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  14. If u can u should run 2 air stones u get some good sized ones from the pet store or ebay for cheap but to have the pump running with the line in a U shape is a waste. If u run 2 lines in the one pot with 2 stones u will get more bubbles.
  15. I did not know that ill get more air stones and while im at it ill buy another pump and net pot to get a second bucket going to see if i can seperate the plants, if its too risky ill just wait till ny next grow. I was thinking it was going to be hard to get the roots through the net pot while at the same time adding clay pebbles to keep the Plant stable.
  16. After seperated all u have to is lay the root down over a level of hydroton (clayballs) then fill the water up to the last 1/2" of the net pot when u put in tha bucket new roots will form your plant is gonna strss a bit just from takin out the other net pot. If u were goin from smaller net pot to a bigger one u would have no stress at all. Your gonna loose roots from the move unless u sit an cut around each one which u can do witha razor but thats gonna be a ton of work. I hate to say it but u should have never put 2 plants in 1 pot LOL unless u could have cought it before they grew the roots out of the pot. U got 2 choices now, let it run an deal with any problem that may arise or take the plant out an deal with the die back of it from loosing roots. In 3 months time if u have everything dialed in your gonna get 2 plants like this in 1 bucket image.jpg an your gonna have rootballs like this or 1 big fighting rootball image.jpg image.jpg
  17. Yeah i had seen pictures of people growing multiple plants in one big rubbermaid bucket so i thought it be the same thing except in one net pot haha ill start ording everything i need then hah
  18. absolutely superB

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