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bubble bucket grow

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Grow Journals' started by jennyjenny, May 12, 2010.

  1. They can get unruly very quickly, especially if you keep them bushy like that. My first grow (one plant with lots of experimentation) ended up with over seventy tops, and was under six inches tall. It took a lot of trimming just to keep her in check.
  2. Is it worth putting them in bigger pots?
  3. At this time I would say no. The reason is I can see in the buckets and the roots aren't crowded, I'll post some root pics within the next few days, I assume the methods I'm using cause explosive growth.

    I also keep the lights fairly close, maybe 2 inches from the tops, which is causing them to bush out with really tight nodes.

    The temperature at my leaf tops is 75-78 degree's.
  4. I think ur doin everything perfect...
    and also a good time to go to flower:cool:...
    as she strecthes hopefully the undergrowth will get some light...

    Nice job Jenny:hello::D
  5. Lookin good jenny, I done a plant in a 7l bubble bucket and got almost 3oz bigger pots aren't really essential like you said.
  6. I have 8 foot plants in 5 gallon buckets...
    i think youll be fine in those jenny..:D
  7. Thanks for the compliment Budslinger :D and the feedback on flowering. I think monday's the day:yay:.
    Thanks for confirming this and stopping by my thread Gregyc:)
  8. Here's the pics for today
    Mary and her four LST wires... Mary's main stem as thick as my thumb.

    I haven't got the root pics as promised. I didn't feel like undoing the LST lines from the buckets I'll wait a day and then get them I swear;)

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  9. They look great jenny, and Monday will be a perfect time to start flower. Looks like the lids of the buckets are pretty full already, and they'll shoot up quite a bit once they start stretching. :hello:
  10. Looking good jenny! Been gone for a while but I sure am glad to see what I came back to!

  11. Thanks a bunch Goonie, I was worried you found my thread lacking;). I'm glad your back.

    I had a surprise visit from some of my family so I wont be posting for a few days but I've moved them to flowering and it's going great, i'll post pics soon.
  12. These pictures are from two days ago. I will update with PH/EC readings and recent pics later tonight or tomorrow.

    Thanks to everyone for stopping by. :smoking:

    Mary's roots, side, and head
    Cindy's side and head


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  13. Those are incredibly bushy, can't wait to see them start to bud. It looks pretty awesome seeing that many all go at once. :D

    The pic below is the farthest mine got before root rot kicked her ass. :(

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  14. Fuck that blows. Did you try to fight the rot?
  15. Tried, got a few more days out of her, then gave in and made some hash. It turned out well, too bad the rest of her didn't, lol.

    Jen, how are the ladies doing? :smoke:
  16. Theyyy'rrreee Great:hello: thanks for asking buthidae. I've had visit after visit lately. i could change the thread name to "dealing with surprise visitors while growing marijuana";).

    Here's the ladies the top off the bottle is a GH PH up for scale

    Mary: PH 5.5 EC 3.0
    Cindy:pH5.5 EC2.89
    This is the fan I added to my lights

    No pic of Suzie i took clones from her YAY and just today put her into flower.

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  17. Wow, that plants leaves look fake its so perfect! :eek: Rep'd!
  18. Jenny how old are the above plants in the picture ?
  19. going to try the bubble buckets next grow....quick question how big of a pump (wattage) do I need to push 8 air stones??? And has anyone tried to top feeding with bucket? any difference as far speed of growth?

  20. i guess neither one of you noticed the member is banned and this thread is from last year in june?:rolleyes:

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