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bubble bucket grow

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Grow Journals' started by jennyjenny, May 12, 2010.

  1. Today i added insulation to my buckets in an attempt to get the water temp closer to 70. I haven't yet taken off the mylar I'm still debating this. I have one plant that has never had a mylar lid, and two that have mylar so I'm going to take off the mylar from Cindy Lou leave the mylar on mary Sue and use Suzie Q as a control. I will monitor the plants and decide from there.
    My insulated buckets
    this is #1 who is now named Mary Sue
    #2 now known as Cindy Lou
    #3 now known as Suzie Q
  2. Thanks Goonie super helpful info.:D
  3. Our babies are about the same age and Im going to be doing LST too! So ill def be following your grow. Check out the link on my sig. There looking good!
  4. Thanks Smoke, I just subscribed to your thread, it will be fun to monitor all of the progress.
  5. High Jenny....:wave:
    my buckets have mylar as hats.....sry...I have turrets...;):D
  6. Good to know budslinger, about the hats and turrets:D. So my most recent readings are as follows: Mary Sue, PH5.8, EC1.54 WTR TMP 77;Cindy Lou, PH5.8 EC1.53, 77;Suzie Q,PH5.9, EC1.52 TMP 77. The EC readings are high because i added 18ml of DM Grow part A and part B to the buckets. My rooms at 76 degrees and 75%RH.Temperature at plant tops is 79. Water temps seem to be high, so i have put 1L water bottles in the freezer, some full and some half full, I wll start slow and see if I can bring the temps to around 70. Advice on this much appreciated.

    This is a picture of the light tunnel I created. It's just mylar(actually a fire blanket) with wire holding it out away from the plants. Might just be redundant without much actual use opinions appreciated.
  7. Update the light tunnel was a horrible idea temps got out of hand and it acted like a wind tunnel making my gentle breeze a wind storm. It has now been removed.
  8. Everythings been going good I do have a problem forming with Suzie Q heres her pics

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  9. here are my plants I have started LSTing mary sue and cindy lou but suzie Q is a little short still I changed thier water and redid their nutrients so they are back on track and super healthy:yay:. Top 2 are Mary followed by Cindy Followed by Suzie

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  10. I decided to put in a charcoal filter from my flower room to my veg room. My rooms are sealed and are being supplemented with CO2.
    I used chicken wire with an inner diameter of 4" and one the outer diameter of 4.4" the inner wire is 8" long the outer 8.5" I used black nylons and filled with activated carbon put this on a 6" to 4" reducer put this to a 6" elbow and thats connected to a 250CFM 6" fan the filter is in the veg room and the intake in the flower room.

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  11. Things are looking nice. How did you fix the problem with your plants? My bottom leaves on all of mine seem to be in some trouble. Also how are you tying your plants down for the LST?
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    Thanks Smoke.I took note that my deficiencies seemed to be a mix of micro nutrients, like magnesium and manganese, my part B has all of these so now I've started to add extra B and it's working great. I added 6ml part A&B to mary and cindy and 3ml A&B to suzie.

    I am using metal wire left open at the end on the plant. The original slant you see is from where i put my plants under the light. The plants were off center and they grew sideways, I kept the light low so the stem would get thick as they grew sideways. Here are my girls
    Mary, PH 5.8 EC 1.66
    Cindy, PH 5.8 EC 1.71
    Suzie, PH 5.8 EC 1.99

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  13. Nice looking setup jenny, your girls look good to :)
  14. everything has been going good here are my pics


    Suzie refuses to be LST'd Mary is doing excellent if you look you can see her branches and Cindy is doing well. Later tonight or in the morning I'll update thier nute's and PH info and any changes.:smoking:
  15. Girls are looking great. Those leaves are huge. I dig the DIY filter. +rep
  16. So I have decided that they needed more light so I built a six bulb fixture which upped my lumens from 11,200 to 16,800.

    My flower room now has 8 bulbs at 22,400 lumens. heres the pic's of my reflector's
    Flower room reflector .............. New veg reflector. .. ... .. Veg reflector with mylar

    Sub ceiling.......... ............ sub ceiling attached to ceiling

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  17. Here's todays photo's
    Mary:pH 5.9 EC 1.51 added 9ml Part A&B now PH 5.8 EC 1.82

    Cindy:pH6.0 EC1.56 added 9ml A&B now PH5.6 EC1.84
    Suzie:pH6.2 EC1.74 added 3ml A&B now PH5.8 EC1.89

    I also added about 3 cups of water per bucket

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  18. All three look nice and bushy, keep it up. :cool:
  19. "All three look nice and bushy, keep it up. :cool:" Thanks buthidae

    My plants have become unruley and I have decided to not only LST the main stem but I have started to LST branches as well.

    I'll keep you posted on how this turns out. Here are todays pics I do believe I will be putting them into flower monday, maybe, any thoughts appreciated.

    I also added 9ml each of A&B to Mary and Cindy.

    Mary:pH5.6 EC2.03
    Cindy:pH5.6 EC2.09
    Suzie:pH5.9 EC1.92

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  20. Nice ladies! +rep Gotta love those bubble buckets! peace

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