bubble bags. Rip off?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by Brak, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. FILTERBAG.com

    theres loads of sites like that with cheap filter bags if you search on google. Some bubble bags are over $100, but you could make a good one for less than half that buying from there. Is there any danger in making hash using those materials?
  2. no danger, and yeah if you have the skill/time you can make them yourself for half price if not cheaper.
  3. Yea making them is sooo much cheaper i think there is a thread somewhere about how to, or just use google.
  4. I personally own the Fresh Heddies version and they're great. In my opinion, however, there's nothing too high-tech about these things and they could be manufactured easily. Also, there are a ton of companies that are making competing products for half the price of b'man's bags.
  5. when i first saw the pirces of the bag i was also like "what the hell" but when you really consider that if you are using these bags its becaue you have enough leaves to fill em up consistantly. The little money that you spend to get them will farbe outweighed by how much you might make(if you choose to sell) i remeber reading about making hash from a washing machine, something a little cheaper if you are thrifty and have the extra space for one...
    All things aside there are bunches of ways to make hash, bubble bags are pretty much the easiest and idiot proof.
  6. hey those filter bags will absorb all the trichlomes i tried one thinkin it would be faster than a coffee filter and it absorbed all the good shit i dont have bubble bags wish i did
  7. No, the washing machine is just an automated way to mix everything around, the water that comes out still has to be filtered through bubble bags, or the equivalent.

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