Bubble bag hash yeild 1.8G total from 28g mid/high buds

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  1. Considering I have been getting upwards of 22% return with BHO...

    I can't say I'm all that happy with the yeild from my bubble bags

    28g frozen bud.
    Broken up some.
    Ice/ice water.
    Hand stirred with wooden spoon 3 times for 15m+ each. Letting sit in between and then cleaning out the trichs.

    Got most/all of the water out(I know I was suppose to wait.) by smashing on the pressing screen(I know I should not have)
    Then I used plastic wrap and a glass bottle and rolled it out.
    Now I got 1.8g.

    My first time ever making hash and I can't say I remember ever smoking any. Or at least smoking any that was good enough to remember.

    How bout my yeild? Is so so ?

    I'm gonna try smoking some tonight, but I think I'm gonna save up for a vacuum chamber.
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  2. Here's a pic. It looks good. Also smells much better than the BHO or my BHO w/ ISO purge. image.jpeg
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  3. Nice

    what was the smallest screen bag you poked her thru..?

  4. You only got 1.8gs out of 28gs of weed? Was the weed rubbish quality? I've got 5 grams of kief from 9 grams of bud just by running it through my grinder
  5. I got a 4 bag set from Amazon. 220-160-73-25

    The 160 is the smallest ball in the picture. It didn't look all that clean when I was scraping it
    The 73/25 both looked 'blonde' when I was collecting it. The biggest yeild per bag was from the 25.

    Should have took pictures.
    Ill be doing another run soon though. I will use a whole plant, fresh frozen.
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  6. It isn't the best quality. But it's still pretty potent stuff.

    ....lol 5 grams from 9 grams seems kinda unlikely. 5g is over 50% total weight

    With BHO I had been getting great returns. Still have like 3 grams sitting around.
  7. image.jpeg

    Not the best. Still potent though. Has made some absolute killer BHO...at least I think so lol
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