Bubble Bag Hash Trials

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  1. My first go at making bubble bag hash last year was a complete failure. I used an 8 bag system.

    I'm reallyconfused as to how to smoke the product. My product clogged up the brass pipe screens I bought immediately and couldn't be smoked that way. I tried putting the product on weed and it just lit on fire. I don't own a dabber and I'm not into dabbing.

    I'm thinking about just giving up trying again with the bubble bag hash because I failed so bad at it.

    Does anyone have any tips for me?
  2. Doesn't your weed do that???

    If you're not into dabbing it then I don't see the point.
  3. Thanks for the tips. Unfortunately I've tried most of them and I can never taste the hash. I rolled up the hash in tobacco and could only taste tobacco. I hot knifed the hash and couldn't taste anything. I bottle toked and didn't like it either.

    I think I'm just not a bubble hash kind of guy, which is a shame because now I own a bubble bag set. I'm sure that I did a bunch of stuff wrong when making the actual hash though. My bubble bag hash was most likely inferior quality from beginner mistakes.
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  4. I'd advise against hot knifing because kitchen silverware is usually cheap steel with a chrome plating.
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  5. You need to go and get some quality product and smoke it one time. That way you know what quality looks like, tastes like, smells like and smokes like. Then you can attempt to make something amazing.
  6. I loved making the hash and seeing all the trichs collect in the bags. The smell and taste of the trichs in the .73 micron bag was incredible. I could eat a whole bowl of trichs. They taste like think oily grapefruit if that makes sense.
    But I think if I will make hash again with the bags I will just use the hash to make edibles or something, even though I know nothing about making edibles.
  7. I'm considering buying some bags and wonder if anyone has some they would recommend? Also any links to how to cook with bubble hash in recipes? Or links that break down bubble hash making process step by step?
  8. In my experience, bubble hash is meh compared to wax, even when you get it to bubble, the taste is diluted from all the water that was washed over it. If you're into concentrate but don't wanna breathe in chemicals, go dry sift. Use a four screen set, can buy from bubble man's website. I get twice as strong, and twice the smell and taste with my dry sift vs bubble.
  9. Only bubble bag I think worth having is the 220, throw in all your herb, a handful of dry ice and shake until you get green, then clean it up with your four screens. My sift comes out white, presses into a goo with my fingers, and smells like an ounce of dank if it's only a .5
  10. My bad. And best way to smoke it is in a bowl with no carb, on a titanium or glass screen, not with bud, just on its own

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