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BUBBAkush pickup. 215 phillyy

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Warturtle, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. Not trying to be a dick but get a better camera.

  2. read the writings above the pictures.
  3. Looks like the first two pictures were taken in the school bathroom or something lol.
  4. they were at a comunity park playgrounds bathroom
  5. Is that Tyler State Park by any chance?

  6. yes it is
  7. i have bad vision but some of those nugs look purple!
  8. wish i knew your philly pickup ;)

  9. haha i can walk to tyler state park
  10. Haha damn man that's some good bud
    man, i wish i had a philly connect
    the only people i know sell o's of mids for $120
    and the dude usually rips me off and gives like 21-22g's
  11. ^Yeah I'm in the same boat, I'm currently looking for someone I can get a 100 O of mids from, my friend gets them for 85 but is a dick and won't sell me one for 100 because he doubles in profit if he sells it by the g's
  12. gotta branch out
  13. Haha that's too funny...I'm pretty sure I know your connect.

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