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Bubba kush ready?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by scubasteve84, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. I am so hung up on all of the ways to see of a plants ready. This guys gotta be done or close. I smoked a Nug off of him a couple days ago and it was surprisingly dank for being so fresh.

    Anyway, what do you guys think..ready or not? The buds are MaJOR dense! And sticky icky

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  2. Anyone? ::bump::
  3. wait for more amber action.
  4. Beautiful buds. Lotsa trich's, wait for a better ratio though.
    Get a scope and check the them.
    If you want a clear headed high, harvest with little ambers (0-10%)
    For a more moderate high with a nice blend, harvest 25% ish
    Heavier/sleepier highs come with 50/50, or more (amber).
    They look really close; I'd just check the trichomes for the high YOU want, and take them then.

    Quick question, did you use gravity or some other bud densifier?
  5. Nope, all in the strain. This plant is in FFoF, fed it grow big during veg and tiger bloom during flower. I think it might have had 1 feeding of chaching/beastie bloom, but tats about it.
  6. These buds are actually smaller compared to what else I have in flower...here's some blue krush porn lol...this one has chaching and beastie as per feeding chart...missed open sesame, but I'm tryin that out on some others

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  7. I hate you indoorsies!; some frosty bud there, haha
    But its cool, im joining the club this winter; ordered my co2 tank and getting a hold of some HPS lights, haha. Got my little baby under CFLs growing into my screens :D

    You use the foxfarm nutes? I love their soils, and I was thinking about picking up a new line for indoor, but leaning towards humboldt because their stuff (gravity) is the only thing I've seen noticeably work; the other 2 nute sets I've tried were just basic A/B from general hydro and house and garden, I guess they did their job. After seeing your pictures I might give foxfarms line a go; though in the end it depends on what costs what, haha.
  8. Give her another week or 2.. The best tasting bubba iv seen had DARK orange hair. The lighter colored bubba was never up to par ;)
  9. if all the hairs are8o% brown chop it look ready to me
  10. Hairs don't get you high, trichomes do. Plus, heat can prematurely turn hairs brown (damaged, dead) instead of letting them ripen (orange, red).
  11. Can't wait till I get my bubba clone and get to see for myself. Bubba kush is by far my favorite tasting strain and the best tasting and high are very dark haired and super frosty.

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