Bubba kush problems !!

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    Hi everyone, iv got 3 bubbas growing... Two weeks into veg and growth is pretty good, they are all roughly the same size there is some leaf curling and some yellow ness to some of the leaves!! Iv got an area of about 1 meter square I have a 600w hps dual spec on them from the start all the way till harvest, it's a air cooled tube hps so heat not really a problem.. Grow room runs at about 85 degrees and humidity sits at about 35% the light is about 20in away from canopy, I have a 8in clip on fan in the grow room and a 4in rvk fan pushing air in to the space, I did over feed them on bio-bizz grow in week one but have flushed for a week.. There is some change to the leafs they are def greener now but still the leaves curl down, if pics are needed I'll try to post some ASAP but any help would be much appreciated :))





  2. seedlings need reduced light hps is going to be too powerful forthem
  3. I have got a LED 90w UFO and two blue spectrum 125w cfls, do you think it would grow better under a mix of cfls and led, plus it would cost less to run lol!!
  4. those leaves look crispy one 125w cfl should be enuff add the led for amazing results
  5. Will give it ago mate!!

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