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Bubba Kush (Pre-98 Edition), Kryptonite, and Blue Dream Wax

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by MDS, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Just tried out a new delivery service here in Sacramento. :hello:
    1) Bubba Kush (Pre-98 Edition) - Loud and tasty, feels more Sativa based
    2) Kryptonite - Smells purple and grape-like, warm buzz and head high, of course Indica
    3) Blue Dream Wax - Smells like some good wax, have yet to smoke, but very soft and fresh

    Bought 3.5g of the Bubba Kush, 3.5g of the Kryptonite, and got 1g of White Rhino and that little sample of wax for free. Only $60 :)

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  2. damn thats amazing prices...i cant even get a 3.5 for 60 in the DMV.
  3. Nice were in sac are you? I am in down town on the weekly and up in auburn,
  4. always was curious about the delivery services.

    I dont something similar :bongin:

    patients of course
  5. yup, thats bubba kush pre 98 alright....

    can tell just by the bud formation/color...i dont even need to smell it....had pounds n pounds n pounds of that back in the day....nice strain esp to grow
  6. hahaha "pre-98 edition" you sound like a car salesman lol

    very nice stuff though, pre98 bubba is imo the best cut of bubba
  7. Rancho.

    I've only lived in CA for a few months so still getting to know everything around here.. considering I came from outta state, amazing bud at equally awesome prices lol

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