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Bubba Kush Pickup! RooR Milkshot for Shalom Salaam :)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by eleven357, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. Well I am finally off of my tbreak and I got ahold of some Bubba Kush and some blonde hash. I figured I would take a shot of this nice bud in my new stash jar.

    I also have a milk shot of me and my new RooR (I didn't forget:)) :D


    Smoke one blades! :)
  2. looks like pressed kief not blonde hash, or are they the same?
  3. hmmm....
  4. pressed kief is hash... jesus.

    blonde hash has a light yellow color and this is because it is free of all pollutants and is usually made from QUALITY buds and tops.
  5. lol, thanks man. Awesome pics.
  6. Looks like fun.
  7. Love that bubba kush. Still have a good amount of it left along with some master kush. <3 kush but hate the tolerence effect. Good milk too
  8. Looks amazing! Tried to rep but "Need to spread some".

    I was avoiding this thread cause I'm dry and it's making me fiend. Hash is looking good too. Still never had hash. Rare as fuck here. I just pray I can find some bubba genetics come april!

    It's bad when I see bud and my stomach growls. :(
  9. damnnnnn nice kush, your having a better time than me
  10. Sick pics and sick milk shot. rep fo sho
  11. i want some....

    and then a whole lot more :D
    dank pickup man, i just got a new hook for organic OG locally and i think im gonna have to grab some more after lookin at this...... makin me fiend like a mofo
  12. Congrats on the end of your T-break! I bet you're ripped...
    Looks like a tastey pickup though! :smoke:
  13. damn good lookin buds,enjoy
  14. Good shit man, enjoy :)
  15. Nice nugs n bong forsure

    Id like to see a pic of that slide cleaned up, does it have a screen??

    water level looks a bit high for my liking. Maybe i just like mine real low
  16. Thanks blades for the compliments :)

    That milkshot was with the blonde hash for reference of thc content. I was told it(blonde hash) had around 90% thc.:D

    Yes I have two bowls that utilize glass screens.
  17. nice pickup man, +Rep
  18. NICE! looks great

  19. christmas tree nugs!

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