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Bubba Kush + GDP + Pink Jasmine macros

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by whitewarrior, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. Had about 2 grams of each, smoked alot of it and this is what I have left.

    Bubba Kush carries an extremely skunky/minty smell, and has a sugary aftertone upon the exhale.

    GDP smells and tastes of sour grape candy, with coffee undertones.

    Pink Jasmine smells and tastes of the normal PK lineage, sweet and sour.
    Bubba Kush
    Pink Jasmine
    All 3
  2. some friggin' sexy nugs.
  3. :eek: daaaaamn. that gdp looks great.
  4. what is the redness on the Bubba Kush and the Pink Jasmine?
  5. Id put all three buds in one swisher.Nice pick yo
  6. I loooooove me some Bubba Kush. Easily my #1 strain so far. All three def. look like some serious dank though, good shit!
  7. Why would you waste quality marijuana in a shitty blunt shell.Good pot is so you get that nice sweet taste and a good stone. not to mix it with a tobacco leaf thats probably stale.but thats just my oppinion.
  8. Great nugs!!! All look super dank!!!
  9. good weed belongs in good glass
  10. I agree, my dealer puts all his dank in blunts and smokes them...but I smoke alot of them with him so its whatever. Lately I've been putting him on glass and he's been enjoying it.

    I just bought some of that Beeline to try out since everyone says its great, hopefully it'll be here in a couple of days and I'll give a report here.
  11. those nugs r pretty serious especially the pink jasmine:smoking:
  12. the GPD looks soooo nice
  13. pink jasmine looks really dope, wish i had some now *sigh*
  14. dense!!
  15. well said.
  16. i could go for any of those right now!
    all my dealers arent holding right now, its killing me lol.
    nice pictures man, thanks for sharing.
  17. So I got the 4 packs of Beeline in the other was $7.75.

    and I absolutely love using it! Clean bowls, clean lungs, clean highs.."it's the future..THAT FUTURE" My friend Alex came over last night and she used it for the first time, saying it was "hippie-ish, but great" and she was just retarded as I was.

    I haven't been as high as I was in awhile, will definitely be ordering this stuff for the long haul.

  18. what's Beeline??? your avatar a pic of you? cuz if it is....daaaamn
  19. are the hairs red or is that the lighting? beside the point their NICE lookin nugs! :D:smoke:
  20. shittt yo that pink stuff looks awesome. I've never smoked any bud that pink before.

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