*Bubba Kush Early Nute Def!!! Looking for knowledgeable oppinion/help PLEASE**

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I am growing a bubba kush plant which i started about a two months ago. It has been LST'd and WAS doing very well. It has been growing under two CFL's with reflective domes in a reflective area indoors. It began showing VERY dark almost bluish leaves, so i added a small amount of blood meal and bone meal. I think i may have lowered the PH too much thought because it started showing yellow around the tips and edges of the plants, as well as some mild chlorosis. It seems to only be affecting certain parts of the plant, turning them lime green with yellow edges and tips, while some fan leaves are still dark green/bluish. The stems have been purple/red just about the whole time. Today, took the plant out of it smaller pot, sprayed the roots a little bit with watered down neem oil and hydrogen peroxide to prevent root rot. Next i brushed the top soil of to try to get rid of the blood/bone meal, and transplanted it into some new compost which i added some dolomite lime too (to try to neutralize the ph). I am hoping that my ph is low and that is what is causing the problem. I bought a digital ph meter which measured the old soil at ph 5.8 -6.0. I HOPE that somebody can tell me what is going on with my plant and if what i did is right. If i did the wrong thing, please tell me what i can do to fix this plant and get it back on the road to dankness. I plan on moving it outside in about a week or two.







    This problem seems to be fairly mild at the moment, so i think i can definately save this plant. This plant basically represents 3/4 of my life at this point so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEASE anybody out there with experience let me know what I should do. The plant has already begun showing female preflowers and is smelling DANKkkk.

  2. She looks kinda hungry to me, the light new growth up top and paleness kinda give a nod that direction. I noticed some of your lower leaf edges curling down - which looks like a low light issue. I think some food & light will have her back in shape within a week or so ;) Good job on straightening out the ph, the compost is great for that, as well as the lime. Try to get your runoff somether close to 6.5-6.8

    Just my $.02, hope it helps. Good luck!
  3. yeah im with ed, bump up the food, whats ur ppm? i have a buba kush mother she's big but her ppm is around 500. but in flower its over 1000
  4. AskED - Thank you very much for responding. Glad to hear that i did the right thing I have been worrying about my baby :smoke:. I raised the lights to about 1ft+ away from the tops. Would you reccomend any particular food for her?

  5. janemba,

    I do not know how exactly to calculate PPM, but I watered once with a VERY light solution of 6-12-6, then later added about 3/4 cup total of blood and bone meal, and when i transplanted i added a small amount of bone meal at the bottom of the containter ( i was told that is good for transplants) and 3/4 cup dolomite lime, all in a 2 gal container. What do you think would be the best fert. to fix my problem?

    Also, speaking of bubba kush mothers, have you had success cloning? and what is your method?

  6. u have to get a meter... but she looks good keep up the good work
  7. Have you given it any feedings other than this? I don't see the bluish leaves but very dark green and bluish can indicate N toxicity. N deficiency usually starts showing with yellowing on the bottom leaves first.

    If you transplanted into compost you don't need to fertilize for a while. Make sure the soil has a lot of perlite for drainage. But don't transplant again until it's settled in. What wattage are the CFLs?

    Red purplish stems can be a P deficiency (bone meal has P but it takes a little while to break down). Or it could be normal for the strain. My $0.02 is to wait a while before feeding because compost is very rich.

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