Bubba Island Kush, Dutch Passion, Canada

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  1. Hello!

    Avid patron of Dutch passion's strains, 3 of these are their Bubba Island Kush. Popped the last week of March and put into 65 gallons of pro-mix/30 pounds sheepshit/ and 20% perlite in June. Fed with future harvest's 3 part line, sensi calmag, bud boom and tono'bud.
    The two on the deck always flower early because the chestnut tree blocks the sun for the last couple hours of the day, so they're a week into flower.

    The cages go up 4', I'll be posting pictures every couple weeks. Good luck!

    20190813_115759.jpg 20190813_115828.jpg
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  2. Thanks! Lot of work hauling water this time of year
  3. Plants look healthy, but I'll bet those heavy, water soaked grow bags play hell on the wood of that unstained deck!
  4. I'll learn in a couple years when half my crop goes through the deck haha :blink:
  5. Haha it looks like pine so maybe next year.

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  6. Beautiful plants! I agree on hauling water, I hwt mine from a spring and its been a huge job keeping up.

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  7. It's brutal, those 65 gal pots take 20 litres a pieces, so 8 jugs every water/feed and it's a 10 min drive to the spring. Quite the job keeping them happy!
  8. How often do you have to water? I'm in 20 gal pots and having a hard enough time keeping up as it has been so dry. Spring also 10 mins away for me. Looks like the hard work is paying off for you though :)

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  9. It's about every second day unfortunatly, been hoping for a good hard thundershower but it's just not happening. Humidity is down and it's been brutal! I'm in Nova Scotia and it's a coin flip ever summer. Last summer I lost a lot of my main cola's to bud rot because it was 3 straight weeks of 99% humidity :frown:
    These girls look pretty good but they got burnt from a couple all day fishing trips, last years crop seemed to be doing better, I'll attach a pic of last years girls :D
  10. Wow, Also In NS. your plants are alot nicer than mine though.

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  11. Secret is I start them in March in a tent, the girls were 4 foot before they saw the sun haha
  12. I start mine early too but they went into shock this year at transplant. How much did you get off those monsters last year? Same strain? Finish in Sept?

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  13. They all had to come down the same day because of a stretch of a rain coming, trimmed for a good week straight and only got 3 pounds trimmed. Had 4 pounds that had dried with the leaves down and I made that into Hash oil with Isopropyl. The two in the black totes were L.A confidential, I lost half of both in a wind storm, they split in half where they were topped. The other two that were almost finished a couple weeks into September were Frisian dew, a strain by Dutch passion with a purple a green phenotype. I got both phenos from the two plants, were drastically different. Was a good season except for that wind storm tragedy. Made some quick wash out of the immature bud though :jump:
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  14. Oh and try some seaweed extract in the water next time you transplant. I found a bottle at Blomidon nurseries and it looks local. Lots of beneficial hormones, can't hurt!
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