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Bubba Chem

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Gavelus, Oct 13, 2016.

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    Last year on my 21st birthday, I got this strain and it was the first and strongest strain I've had. The high was amazing, and that's probably because I wasn't as seasoned as I am now, but I'd imagine it'd still be just as good since it's 29% THC.

    The thing about this strain is that it virtually doesn't exist. I've tried looking up this hybrid/Indica and have gotten little to no results, even Leafly doesn't have a page for it; what I have found is that it's a cross between Bubba Kush and Chemdawg ("Bubba Chemdawg"?). I have only had this strain the one and first time I bought it. Emerald Fields, the dispensary I got if from, had it around this time last year on my birthday, which is in November. They have it again right now, however, the most I could get is an 1/8 without going completely broke; damn recreational prices…

    To this day it is still my favorite strain. I've never experienced a high quite like Bubba Chem, also considering how many strains I have tried. God knows what I would do for this local medical dispensary to put a 1/2 oz of it for sale for $60.

    So, would this strain's availability be due to the strain being seasonal? Or is this not a common strain? If anyone has heard of/had this strain let me know.
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    Pretty far of a drive, and plus I don't have my card for medical dispensaries, but Emerald Fields has it now, it's just a seasonal strain for them maybe.

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  3. I just picked up 2 clones of this strain im excited to see how it turns out
  4. Post wasn't needed. You know where to get it. You know who grows it. Ask them your 1000 questions.

    And your old enough to afford a few hundred to buy an ounce. Work a day, you can buy a ounce to last you a month. Bud is real cheap but people want it for free.

    Here I am paying 100$ a gram for concentrates. Then again a gram lasts 4 days or so. Cheap cheap
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    Well I felt obligated to post it. Recreational prices are unbelievably overpriced here, $60 for an eighth is ridiculous. I asked because I thought maybe some others knew of a medical dispensary that would have it in town maybe for a fair price in a good amount. Emerald Fields doesn’t always grow it, and they didn’t know anything about it even when I asked them.

    Since when does age define how much you make? There are plenty of older individuals around me struggling in this damned generation. A lot of them don’t just make a few hundred to spend on cannabis.
  6. Ya 60 an eight is dumb. Shop around only you will find the best deals. This leads into my next thing.

    Nobody is going to help you. I learned at 12 nobody is going to help me out. If I am to make it it will be on my own and through networking with like-minded folks. The people you pointed to that are older never got the picture. Their still partying at age 50. I stopped the party once I hit 23.

    At your age I was already stacked doing things on my own. Learn from those who already made mistakes so you don't do them on your own
  7. I said age doesn’t define how much you make, not that nobody is going to help me? I know this, I’ve known this for so long. Not to mention, it’s this generation as a whole

    All in all, I guess I was just trying to see if anyone knew some alternate whereabouts of Bubba Chem.

    Also I forgot to mention, the place I bought it from only sells it, doesn’t grow it, so they really don’t know too much about it I’m guessing. Probs will have to dig deeper.

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  8. You should ask for a job there. Then once your working there making money you can one day find the bubba chem seeds and steal a few. Then you can grow it at home for free while making that cheddar from work.

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