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BT'S!!! Hash smoking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ScottEH, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. Alright guys this is my first thread so I figured I'd start off with what i like most, hash.

    I've heard that alot of people actually throw out there trim instead of making into hash and also don't know what Bt's (bottle tokes) are. I live in Quebec and Bt's are very popular although I've noticed in other parts of Canada and the USA alot of people don't smoke there hash this way. Alright it's now time to spread the word and get more pot heads into bt's.

    Material needed: Cigs, plastic or glass bottle, lighter and of course hash

    A bottle toke is when you fill up a bottle( prefferably glass) with hash smoke and take a toke, easy as that.
    First thing to do is create a hole in the vertical side of the bottle near the base a little smaller than 2 cigs. Use a lighter to create the hole by turning the bottle on it's side and burning a hole through the plastic. As for glass bottles this requires a little more work. Use a screw and a hammer on a corona bottle and after a few hits it should go right through. Now you've just made your first BT bottle.

    Now to cook a BT you must first take your brown hash( if its beige even better and if it's red I'm jelouse) and cut it into small balls that your going to pick up with a lit cig. Now that you have 6-15 bt's( balls of hash) it's time to start cookin.

    Light the end of the cig and get a nice red ember on the end. Now what you must do is pick up the hash with the lit end of the cig. Do this very gently and with patience because it'll take a bit of time getting good at picking up the hash( remember rolling your first joint? don't give up yet)
    Now once the hash is on the tip of the ciggarette wait until the hah emits a nice think stream of smoke then place it inside the bottle( with the cap on) and let it fill up. Now pay attention to the BT and take the ciggarette out once the think stream of smoke stops or the BT goes red and cover the hole with your thumb. The longer you leave the cig in while the BT isn't burning the more cig smoke that gets into the bottle thus making it a harsh hit.

    Now you have your bottle filled with hash smoke, you take off the cap at the top let a little bit of the top smoke out( cig smoke is lighter then hash smoke so it rises and stays at the top of the bottle while the hash smoke is below it. By blowing out the top smoke you blow out the small amount of cig smoke that is in the bottle. Now INHALE and enjoy the head rush.

    First few times might be hard to pick up the BT's depending on the quality of the hash. Also very important for a smooth hit make sure the ball of hash( BT) burns a nice think smoke before placeing in the bottle and make sure to take it out before the BT is dead.

    Alright guys this is how to cook BT's and if you never have smoked hash this way I suggest you try it. I'll post some step by step pics soon
  2. haha ya im from quebec to i rember when i first came across someone who didnt know what bts were lmao and bts are deff the way to go with hash also another way tht i figured out is to make a mini lung out of a water bottle or u can make a normal size lung with a bowl on top and u put some bts in there and light it and pull bag in lung at same time and tht is even 10x better than bts haha but bts are way more simple haha i have a glass coke bottle and a glass corona bottle i made with screw and a spoon haha
  3. Dude, sounds fuckin awesome! +rep!

    i was thinking about lighing a joint and just letting the smoke go into a bottle, and carrying that around with me. idk if the THC would begin to coat the bottle or not...

  4. The smoke would eventually leave the bottle

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