BT and neem oil usage ?

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  1. So I spotted a few caterpillars 2 small ones so I bought and have been using BT and everything looks great . Ive been reading that neem oil should be used as a preventative measure once flowering starts , can these be used together or do I have to alternate the spraying ? any advice
  2. I would mix and half and just spray once weekly for maintenance.
  3. Half and half may work
    I prefer alternating.
    I use 3 different products in veg, mostly combos of different oils, , seems to work great as a preventive.
    As far as spraying anything on flowers,
    I personally do not spray anything on after the 2nd week , like as soon as I start seeing flowers, but that's a perfect world scenario, if you keep up on your ipm you should not have any issues by the time flower comes around

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  4. Mixing Neem with BT?

    Not sure if they are mixable! Would save a hassle!

    And what about green cure?

    Why not spray up a week or two before harvest and let it all flush out then?

    I’m growing straight in ground and was wondering... Could i just spray neem? Would it keep the moths and caterpillars at bay too? Seems like neem oil is all around insect.

    Otherwise mixing the different things is an option, if theres no interactions between bacteria or anything..

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  5. Don’t mix them. Spray on separate days. Neem can be stopped when buds form. Spray BT every week religiously in flower otherwise the caterpillars are gonna be enjoying your buds not you!

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