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  1. So I got Bioshock 2 today. (way late I know)

    I started playing it around 6 or so, got to area 3 , and stopped until about 12. Starting playing until 4 in the morn. I really gotta say, I like it, almost better then the first one. It seemd like its a little bit shorter, though this could be because im on easy as I'm not used to Console controllers like I used to be.

    I'm already at Fontaine Futuristics. I have, Shock 2, Fire 2, Freeze 2, Scout,Telekinesis (which is almost never used)and that one Plasmid that makes enemies attack each other. Already have max Eve, pretty sure, Max health, and all but 2 Tonic slots unlocked. As well as my Rivet gun completely upgraded. Machine Gun needs 1 more upgrade to be finished, and Drill has Fuel conservation upgrade.

    Like in the first game, I've been harvesting all the Little sisters I find in the first run. If you find all the little sisters, have them harvest Adam 2 times each and then harvest them, you get 200 Adam per Little Sister. Which is fucking sweet.

    The first time i fought a Big Sister I nearly died. Was literally 2 hits from being dead. But now that I'm getting used to it and have some beast guns and Plasmids their not as difficult anymore. Still tougher then Big Daddies, but not as hard as the first one.

    Overall, I'm please with Bioshock 2. I do think they should have added some new Plasmid Ideas, like creating a tornado and flinging enemies everywhere, or shooting them with water and disorienting them. But hopefully in Bioshcok Infinite.
  2. I also was late to the series, ended up picking them both up for about twenty bucks. Finished the first one last night and it was fucking awesome :D. Gonna play through two and then will try to beat them on expert. The second game look's noticeably better but I still am at the beginning.
  3. It's definitely a fun game. I can't run through it 2 times back to back though. Just like, ehhh, done this before... :/
  4. Yeah I hear yah. I usually have to get the feel for the game though before I put my skills to the test tho on expert.
  5. I'm not as used to playing consoles as i used to be, so i just run easy. :eek:

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