Bryce, Zion and the Grand Canyon.

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  1. So this coming July I am taking a month long trip out to Bryce, Zion and the Grand Canyon. Has anyone here ever been to any of these? I am so damn excited I can't even wait. Anyone have any good recommendations on what to do? I'm for sure hitting up Angel's Landing, but any other suggestions for hikes are appreciated.
    For those who aren't familiar here are a couple of pictures. 1st one is Zion and the 2nd is Bryce. Didn't put one of the Grand Canyon cause I figures everyone knows what that is already.
  2. Ive been to all three.

    Zion defenitely do the narrows, walking through the water is definetely cool.

    Bryce i just hiked down to the bottom of the canyons, was also very cool

    I went to the grand canyon when i was like 13. Rafted down the colorado river for 6 days, amazing experience. Being a mile underground while doing 5 rated rapids was awesome.
  3. I loved the Grand Canyon....I went with my parents a couple years ago. They kept telling me they had this awesome canyon they were saving for the last day... the surprise was Bryce canyon...(btw my name is Bryce) I had so much fun taking pics of the Bryce Inn and all of the other Buildings and food and stuff with my name all over it
  4. Been to all three also and they are all "must see" places!
    Nice pics by the way OP ;)
  5. i hiked the grand canyon wayy back wen with my dad and brother, it was a very enjoyable experience but dont hike it in july...a 20 year old guy died because of heat exhaustion just a few hours before we were on the trail :(. but it does get 135+ degrees at the bottom
  6. I have been to all 3, they all rock(jokes). My fav was Zion, but its hard to cap the Grand Canyon. Angels Landing is an amazing hike, dont pussy out at the top though or you dont get the full effect. I didnt get to do the Narrows but I hear it is awesome. Pretty much all of Zion looks like it came right out of a movie or something, cant quite put it into words. Simply amazing.

    Shit I just realized this thread is from last month.
  7. National parks, like Bryce Canyon or Zion!!

    I was going to suggest that you do what the overnight hikers do and park your car at the trail-heads parking lots.I've done that a lot when I got into a Park late .I'd stop by the Back-country office ,get my back-country hiking permit ,grab dinner and then drive out to the trail-head ,get some sleep in my car and hit the trail first thing in the morning
    The only problem with doing that is that your back-country permit application has your license plate number on it and if you're parked at a trail head for more than a couple of days the w/o a back-country permit on file The NPS rangers may ticket or tow you

    Grand Canyon tours
  8. Cool man I'd be excited too. If I were you in the grand canyon hike havasupai falls(google it if you don't know what i'm saying) It's amazing and perfect time because it'll be hot as shit there.
  9. hermit trail in the canyon is pretty damn good, so is tanner trail (ive hiked both) tanner trail is the hardest one in the canyon, and the 3rd most dangerous trail in the world. i wouldn't go on bright angel or any of the other easy ones just because they're always packed with people, and you just make yourself look like a pussy
  10. Been to them all... unfortunately I was too young to remember any of the names of trails and what not. However, my parents are campground hosts right now in Zion Ntl. Park...

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