brush with death

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by thisisnotreal, May 14, 2006.

  1. man last night was crazy. me and my buddies were sittin around playin texas hold em drinkin hennesey and smokin blunts. i had to leave to go pick up my girl, but was comin right back, so anyways, i drive thru a green light and this car turns left coming from the other direction, i hear the tires screech and i look in my rearview and BAM! they slam into the car behind me. i mean they fucking knocked the shit out of them. it was scary as shit, my heart was in my fucking throat.

  2. Holy shit dude thats crazy, thank god you were alright at least man.
  3. yeah man, the crunch was the worst part. so loud. haha i'm so lucky. like half a second sooner or later and i could have been hurt or dead!
  4. I always wonder that, like whenever anything bad happens. What if I heard a noise while i was in the bathroom and turned my head for a second and then went back to what I was doing. If I hadnt done that little insignificant thing and postponed me leaving the house by 5 seconds, would the event have just happened?

    idk if that makes sense or not.
  5. ahh dude i think about shit like that all the time!
  6. whoa, thats some freaky asssssss shitt dude. close call. that shit scares me.

    BUT this shit just tripps me out, it makes me think all the damn time, like is our life planned out? oh fuck was it planned to make me think that? or what and i just confuse myself and im stoned....and just go back to eating
  7. crazy shit
  8. Yeah damn I thought I was the only one who wondered about this stuff all the time! +rep to both you nush and thisisnotreal
  9. haha dude we need to smoke and talk about that stuff. me and my boy brian always get on some deep intelectual shit when we are high. it's crazy!
  10. I have too much to say to type it out... though I wish i had the time and patience to do so....
  11. Hell yea I do that shit back when I used to speed around town(i was a youngin) I would always be the one that would slam on breaks to stop at a light I didn't wanna stop at, and as I finally got to go I see a cop just pulling someone over. Like if I had actually made that light it coulda been me getting pulled over. Fucking crazy
  12. thankfully you are alright TINR

    i am the same way, just wondering what would have happened if i left a few seconds later or sooner........trippy
  13. im glad youre alright...i hope you called the cops, as that is the law?
  14. one time i was drivin to conneticut and we stop to see if this little farm stands open for 5 seconds and it's not, so wee keep drivin and as we round the corner there is a fuckin car that just tipped on its side. i mean it's still wobbling. if we hadn't stopped for the stand we could have been fucked up
  15. no i didn't call, my phone wasn't on me, but i turned around and by the time i got back there was an ambulance, fire truck etc.
  16. yea.. any second can change your whole life. Alot of decisions I make when I'm high could EASILY go the other way without anything but a thought.. and it could change everything
  17. Worst high killer, ever:

    In March, a friend and I were driving to a buddy's during the afternoon (baked, to the maximum). I had pulled out of my driveway and was driving down the street to get out of my neighborhood (residential road). I was cruisin' down the road coming towards an intersection, opening up a fresh 5 pack of Bic's real quick and all the sudden I look up and there is a huge ass mother fucking Chevy Blazer RIGHT in front of my van. Seems this stupid bitch doesn't know what a yeild sign was. Saw me coming (I had no stop, no yeild by the way) and just floored it to try to get passed me. This made matters worse, actually. I slammed into the sign of her going about 30, her going about 35. I had literally no time to even get my foot on the brake pedal. I never thought a 30-35 mph collision would rock my shit so fucking hard. The way I hit her made me spin around almost 180 degrees, sending my boy in the passenger seat my way (even though he had his seatbelt on), knocking his dome into mine. I slammed my chest on the steering wheel (had my seatbelt on too.... what the fuck) and banged my knee up pretty bad. Worst of all I damn near had a heart attack because it came right the fuck out of nowhere. My heart was pounding so incredibely that I couldnt' even hold still (being high made that suck). I got out of my van, limped over to the other car, was a fucking dickhead to the driver (I feel kind of bad for that, now) and I waited for the 5-0.

    Completely her fault. Scored $1500 for injuries and $3500 for my piece of shit van. Good deal if you ask me! (although I would like to avoid such an incident in my new car). I bought that fucker for $800 3 years ago.... Haha.

    Didn't mean to hi-jack the thread. Just rambling...

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