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Bruce Lipton?

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by budsmokn420, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLZ7GqWpEqM]Bruce Lipton - Biology of Perception 1 of 7 - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuJdVdArDgc&feature=related]Bruce Lipton - Biology of Perception 2 of 7 - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0iU_QcU4o4&feature=related]Bruce Lipton - Biology of Perception 3 of 7 - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wy3arcY0KlQ&feature=related]Bruce Lipton - Biology of Perception 4 of 7 - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-jh9UCy1Fk&feature=related]Bruce Lipton - Biology of Perception 5 of 7 - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFO741MrkIU&feature=related]Bruce Lipton - Biology of Perception 6 of 7 - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53ApMxcTw40&feature=related]Bruce Lipton - Biology of Perception 7 of 7 - YouTube[/ame]

    What do you science people think? Watch the videos than comment on the content of the videos ;):smoke:

    I'm watching now...not all the way through but it seems pretty good so far.

  2. i almost made it through the first video. that count? You might not like me saying this but it's bunk. It's stuff based in science but then takes a turn into candy-land. watch it for entertainment but that's all it is.

  3. That doesn't do me any good. Anyone can just say it's not true. You have to give evidence to debunk it...
  4. I really enjoyed it. My background is Computer Science with some biology and neuroscience thrown in. I can say that everything he said was accurate, but simplified. He almost lost me at the end when he said that our beliefs change our DNA. I think he suffered from a lack of presentation time at the end.

    To drive his point home, consider the effect of adrenaline on cells during the fight or flight response. That adrenaline doesn't NEED to be released, that's really up to you and your beliefs. You can choose to fear aliens flying down to greet you, or you can welcome them with open arms. Every day, people make choices based on their beliefs. The alien example is just an extreme example and it's only 1 example. The cumulative effect of all of the choices we make actually do change our DNA.

    The one thing that disturbs me with his presentation is the part about Love and Fear. I don't think it's possible yet for us to consciously rewrite our DNA based on how we choose to perceive things (belief). If I want a super human brain, Love is probably not going to rewrite my DNA to give me the ability to grow a ton more neurons. I do know that studying my ass off and thinking about things as much as I can will help. Does that fall under the Love category? Maybe. I think the end was just way way too generalized.

    The way he explained proteins, cell membranes and DNA sheaths had me riveted. Class lectures on the same subject were boring as hell. He did a great job.

  5. That's a heavily biased article there. That guy gets off on poking holes in anything he can, whether they exist or not. Regardless of Lipton's other works, the video in this thread is quite insightful. If you don't have any real idea how cells work outside of the cell membrane then it's a fantastic video to watch. There are small leaps of faith at the end, but ONLY if you are unable to grasp the concepts up until that point and are unable to translate what he's trying to say. Keep in mind he is doing a presentation for the average dull-minded person. It's hard to keep people's attention when they hardly know anything beyond TV and their jobs.
  6. 1) i said I only made it a little into the first video so that would be kinda hard to do.

    2) why would I bother watching and hour + of video from a guy that it is known that his idea's aren't correct? By 1:30 of the first video he is trying to say that the beliefs or perceptions a person has can effect the cells in our body. If I really need to show or argue with you why that idea is wrong then I'm gonna get out of this thread now.

    you came and made a post and said
    what I think is that he is a proven misleader and my link shows that his arguments are like the What the bleep video's, sprinkled with fact but on the whole it's just outright wrong.

    the problem is that if he presented incorrect or outright wrong information in other works why is he all of a sudden a trusted source. Maybe if he started with some kind of disclaimer that he isn't an expert in the subject could he get away with being incorrect but he never does that in anything. He's presenting himself as a person of knowledge and then saying things that are incorrect. If he did it in another then he'll do it again. So no I'm not going to listen to him.

  7. Your own article admitted that he is a cellular biologist. In the first video he made the claims that belief and perception can change DNA and that he would prove it with science and factual information requiring no leaps in faith. He does this in the next 6 videos. You did not watch them so sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up. I am tired of skeptics who do not even look at the other side. Gtfo of this thread.

    Only reply with objective mindedness and facts. You have done neither.

    Edit: Your link showed absolutely nothing. Perhaps you need to reread it.
  8. Perhaps you should actually take some time to read it.

    Bruce Lipton is well-known for supporting unproven holistic health theories and even suggests that he has proven they work - when they haven't.. at all.

    He also tries to take well-known facts and twist them into mystical sounding mumbo-jumbo to mystify the people around him who don't know any better (IE well-understood compression waves to shatter kidney stones)

    And if Lipton can be regularly called out for being misleading in the past, there's no reason not to deal this heavy-handed skepticism towards anything else he puts out.

    If bud isn't willing to engage in a discussion and address the fact that Lipton is a pseudo-science wielding crackpot, then he shouldn't be posting a thread about him in the first place. No sense in getting upset when credentials are questioned.
  9. I said discuss the content of the video.

    Watch the videos, take points that he made in the video, and then debunk them with proof.

    If you can't do that, well than don't post in this thread.

    I'm looking for the truth here and to find the truth you need to look at different points of view rather than just blindly following what the mainstream tells you. I'm not saying he's right, but to me I didn't see any flaws in the videos. If there is any flaws, point them out specifically.

    I don't want any attacks on his person...address the content he puts forth and nothing else.

    You calling him a pseudo-scientist without providing any evidence is worth absolutely nothing.
  10. If the root of a plant is a lie, what fruit does it bear?

    Anyone is free to give their opinion on the topic of the thread, which is Bruce Lipton.

    You should also stop being part of the same group of people that pretends they have me on ignore. Do it or don't, don't halfway do it and look foolish doing so.
  11. Dirty's on my ignore list, but if he actually said something debunking the video someone quote it.

    If it's anything other than that, don't bother...

  12. Considering I'm the only one who used that term in this thread, it's quite obvious you read my prior post and are going to read this one as well. :rolleyes:

    What a shitty thread because of people who don't want to defend the people they push forward.
  13. #16 orenji, Feb 12, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 12, 2012
    The idea he presents is solid. If nothing else, it's a great primer for biology and genetics. In the end he backs up his conclusion pretty well. My first post elaborates on it some more. I don't care what his past is, I know what I know from education and independent research. His evidence is factual. If you replaced the speaker with some other speaker it wouldn't change the message.

    Suggestion: Watch the whole video or get the fuck out. If you haven't watched the video then I will just simply ignore you and anyone else who won't take the time to watch it. Bruce Lipton's past is not the point here.
  14. ITT: People mad about the fact that Bruce Lipton is a crackpot and no one wants to listen to him because of it.

  15. Exactly, that is why in the OP I bolded that everyone responding needs to address the content of the video and nothing else.

    The bottom line he is trying to get across here is that the genes are not in control. It is the membrane that reacts to the environment which gives the cell it's job, not the nucleus. DNA is the blueprint of the proteins in the cell and without the blueprint the cell will eventually die, but if you remove the nucleus, the cell can run perfectly fine until the proteins decay and new ones are needed.

    If that is somehow false, give me some evidence.

  16. Which is old news not discovered by Bruce Lipton.

    So I have trouble accepting that there's a 7 part video of a man talking about something everyone already knew and that's that.
  17. Orenji, quote his post if it is related to what I just said lol

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