Bruce Dickenson's First CFL Grow!!!PICS!!!

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  1. I got a fever, and the only prescription is more weed! :D:D:D

    This is my first grow which started as an outdoor thing, but was quickly moved indoors because colder weather is becoming more frequent. I started out with maybe 4 seeds from possibly 2 different bags, I'm not certain.

    I attempted to germinate 4 seeds in a wet paper towel and after 48hrs nothing happened so just for the hell of it I planted them in potting soil and placed the pot in the sun on my back porch.

    After a couple days of 80+ degree weather I noticed that this plant had sprouted (the other plant in the top right is a poppy, I killed it for obvious reasons):


    Side View



    Within a day or so I noticed another plant sprouting so I decided to move this project indoors as I previously noted. I grabbed a desk lamp using a household CFL bulb and a small fan and set it up in a storage area underneath the house. This project is meant to be incognitus and is hidden by a few cardboard boxes among many other boxes.

    After setting it up, I left for the weekend and when I came back, this is what I saw (notice the new one sprouting):


    Grow operation:


    Another pic:


    I tend to rotate the pot once daily because the plants start bending towards the light because the light isn't directly over head.

    So now I have 4 plants potentially growing in one small pot which is an amateur mistake. Keep in mind I didn't even expect these seeds to grow! My challenge now is to transplant the larger looking one soon. When should this be done...and how? I have more potting soil and larger pots... I plan on LST all my plants.

    More pics and updates to come!
  2. from what all i read its better to transplant soon because if you waste to much time you could end up stressing it to much. GL with it try to not hit the roots to much.
  3. How much dirt should I leave around the plant when I dig it up? I have no clue how large the root(s) are and I don't want to cut em obviously.

    I could also move the sprouts and leave the big one alone. What should I do?
  4. They look pretty stretched for an indoor plant. You could use a LOT more light on them... Probably three more 23W CFL's to keep them short and happy.

    You could attempt transplanting the littlest ones. They probably just have one single root that goes straight down right now. You could also start a couple more seeds (if you have them) with normal indoor methods, paper towel and Solo Cup, and they'll only be a week or so behind your big one.

    I'd be more worried about the light, though. Check out the Rubbermaid grow threads for cheap ideas. You could probably rig 4 to 8 CFL's for less than $50 if you're creative (and you can't grow a whole plant under one CFL, so why wait?)

    Good luck!
  5. Get rid of that soil.
    It's prenuted and is going to mess up your plants soon.
    Also, moss growing on there is a bad thing. Moss likes acidic soil.... :(
    Some general seedling soil will do 10 times better then what you use now...
  6. I transplanted the smaller ones into plastic halves cut off water bottles. So the big one has plenty of room for now. I also purchased 4 more lights and some fixtures, plus a digital timer because the manual ones confuse me.

    Right now I have 3 CFL's hooked up, tomorrow I will post pics and put a 4th light on.

    This is the only soil I have and I'd figure I would give it a shot. If they start to look pale I will do something about it. The soil I found out I used is called Sta-Green I think.
  7. I have the new pics today as promised. This is essentially my new grow setup and I will maybe put some sort of inflow and outflow fan soon and possibly some sort of reflective material.

    I now have 4 CFL lights screwed into socket adapters which plug straight into a power strip. I duct taped the sockets because they were loose when I plugged them in. I hope this isn't any kind of fire hazard...


    The grow operation:


    I forgot to put it in macro mode. There is a new leaf set forming.


    The transplanted sprouts. The one on the right I think was a little dried out and maybe a littled stressed from being transplanted, not to mention the light was probably too close. I think now with things repositioned and watered it should recover.


    I am hoping the addition of the fan will help because my temporary setup last night created a lot of heat within the box. I also left one of the flaps open for better airflow.
  8. I think the sickly looking one is officially dead :(

    Hopefully the other ones are females! I transplanted the little ones into a larger and hopefully more permanent pot today. Pics to come soon.
  9. looks like a nice fire hazard i get paranoid with CFLs inside my dresser, forget a cardboard box.
  10. after having the lights on for nearly 3 weeks and no fire or major accumulation of heat in the box, this leads me to believe as long as the cords are secure there SHOULDN'T be any problems.

    I know I keep promising pics, I will have some updated ones tomorrow.
  11. OK here are the new pics of the grow! So far they have been on a 24hr light cycle with watering every other day. I have started LST'ing the largest plant. I hope the ghetto rig I created with some twine and duct tape will work.

    The current grow setup:

    This is the healthiest of the two smaller plants. This one is growing lower than the largest one because it never had to stretch for the sunlight when it first started growing (the largest one started outdoors).

    Here's the biggest one. As you may recall it has about a week head-start on the remaining two.

    Close-up of largest one:

    Lastly, the smaller and sickly-looking one:

    That is all for now. I will post pics of the LST process coming along with the larger plant in a week or so.

    Let me know what you guys think!
  12. I have a plant emergency currently happening. The largest one which I am LSTing has one leaf that is turning yellow and small spots are developing. Could this be the nute burn I was warned about? PH level? I don't think it is under-watering, but I wont count that out.

    Help please!
  13. The plant is bright green and other leaves are slowly turning yellow. can somebody please help?

    I noticed the soil was drier than usual today so I flushed the soil. Maybe that will help.
  14. Well the plants have overcome the nute burn. One of them is growing quite fast and has lots of leaves developing (I am not LSTing this one). The largest one is growing slowly, but it still has the most healthy looking leaves.

    The third plant has been growing deformed leaf sets and I am contemplating chopping it because it may end up just being a waste of my time.

    Are deformed plants even worth tending to? When is a good time to start flowering? I am thinking I might need to let them veg a little longer...
  15. comon, lets get some more pictures here. My plants are about 10 days behind yours in growth. I can't wait
  16. OK! Here is the update...finally. :hello:
    Flowering Day +0

    I still have 2 plants in the larger pot and I know it will be a problem soon. I am hoping I can sex my plants before the roots entangle and make room for the remaining plants. I have now initiated the flowering cycle so I will make note here that it began today.

    Some of these pictures aren't the best. This is a side view of the largest and healthiest-looking plant.

    And another.

    This is the plant I am LSTing. The leaves have turned yellow slowly over the past week or so, but I am not too concerned because the new leaves are coming in nicely.


    You may want to look away from this one. Some of the leaves are horribly deformed. What is interesting is that the leaves that have grown in the past few days appear more normal-looking.


    Those are all the pics I have for now. Since people are actually checking on this grow now, does anyone have any comments/suggestions???
  17. I dont think waiting for sex is a good idea. I think you should either get rid of one of them or just move it to another pot. If you wait, you'll probably loose both eventually. You might wanna get some fertilizer, if you dont have one yet, cus you plants look like they have nutrient burns all over.

  18. There is quite a bit of space between plants. I will try moving them in the next couple of days.

    Thanks for the tip.
  19. Looking at the news pics I think your soil is too acidic still/again = too low a pH.
    Spotting and leaf deformaties are a classical sign.
    You will need to fix this or they won't make it through flowering.

    And please....get rid of that cardboard box....get a old cabinet from somewhere or something.
    You shouldn't be using electric equipment inside an old and dried out card board box.
    If you give that box an angry look, it'll burst into flames....

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