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  1. 2FA75756-502C-4C76-B99C-23715E3033B2.jpeg 30022F8E-6B30-4A8A-A412-6F17EF304311.jpeg 4 week old bruce banners
    Bought under the impression they were regular seeds but they have been under an 18/6 light schedule and one has already begun flowering by the looks of it so guessing they are autos?
    One has been stunted for some reason and stopped growing for a couple of days so no where near the size of the other but is somewhat looking healthy
    The other one is booming with size but doesn’t seem to be as thick and all the bottom leaves have started yellowing and cracking, anyone have any clue why? I’ve read it could be a nutrient issue but they are both getting the proper amount of nutrients
    Other than that can anyone more experienced give me their opinion on how they look so far?
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  2. They look ok to me, man...though I've seen people in here call deficiencies that I haven't had the expertise to have noticed in other cases, so I'm sure more will follow.

    My take;
    The colour is fine (for the better part) and your new growth looks super happy.
    The leaves aren't really droopy, or folded up/down/Your medium looks neither over or under watered at a glance. from me? I think you're doing ok.

    The bottom leaves...some may have an issue which I'm sure someone can identify if so... but not sure.

    Looking at the structure of the plants, they're still relatively short, everything (in terms of stems, if that's what we're calling 'em) has it's own healthy leaf growth, and a few bigger healthy leaves are further up the top, towards the light. Could be that these bottom leaves are just becoming superfluous at this stage of the plants growth?
    If a plant doesn't "need" something, in a lot of cases it'll suck the life out of it and and it'll eventually dry up and drop off. So it could be a bit of that going on? Just a thought.
  3. Can you take a Picture under normal lighting your top looks like the tips are getting nute burn or light bleaching. How close is your light?

    EDIT- after seeing the pics a bit more looks like you’ve got the beginning of a mag deficiency. Purple stems and the light green on your fans from the inside of the leaf out are generally red flags for mag.
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  4. Both plants seem to be doing it now
    They both get the right around of nutrients so unsure why
    More leaves have started to crack and go purple
    Is there any way to fix this?

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