Browsing Grasscity while sober

Discussion in 'General' started by PurpleStrain, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. Whenever I come on here while sober I feel so jealous and left out watching everyone have fun blazed Has anyone else thought this lol??

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  2. I come here sober more than i come here high. I'm glad to share with the community and to be honest, most of the time when i'm high i am just looking for somebody to troll.

    With that being said, i'd prefer to come here sober lol. Also i am learning a lot about growing, which i plan to partake in, in the future, so reading all that info. high doesn't do much good for me. Sober all the way. I mean, i pay a lot for my green and i'd rather not spend that money, basically, browsing a forum. I'd rather play a vid or whatever.

    I will admit tho, the odd thread comes up where i am like "Oh shit, i gotta get high before i read this." and whenever those threads happen, i often spend upwards of an hour reading ridiculous shit, laughing my ass off. Good times.
  3. Haha, I browse Grasscity sober 99% of the time. I can't afford weed, I have priorities.. .. though I love growing it, cause to me that's like a challenge, a game.... as I've probably said before.

    I still enjoy chatting on Grasscity sober. I always had a stoner personality, wayyyyy before I first tried weed. I guess I was just born on drugs.

  4. When I start shitposting you can tell Im not sober
  5. I'm sober 100% I'm on here because I only really spend time here during work. I couldn't imagine hanging out here stoned, to be honest I'm annoyed enough by many of the comments and questions on GC that I'd rather not get down by hanging here. I basically use this as 20% information, 30% entertainment, 50% time vampire.
  6. I spend more time on here sober than high but I love being on here with a nice stoned buzz. Seems to make the experience so much better IMHO. Speaking about this I'm getting high right now lol. You blades are awesome and I think this is a really great online community to come and share your thoughts and ideas and most of all just have some fun.
  7. LOL! Aw I come on here sober all the time. I enjoy being on here for the community and fellowship, but of course I come on here nearly every single time I am stoned too.

  8. I'm thinking of it right now as I smoke this last bowl of resin. Shit I think I have some Brandy somewhere, but I hate alcohol

  9. Op i stay sober whenever im on GC bcuz for one im on a t-break its been almost two months & two i dont have any urges to smoke anymore therefore im far from jealous & you shouldnt be either bcuz gettin high aint shit .. sobriety feels great no bs .. so let theses blades spark their shit cuz it aint nuthin to miss ...
  10. Most of the time I'm on grasscity to share my weed in the stash jar and look at other strains, it's like taking a virtual bong toke with your fellow blades. However most of the time I'm stonded I'm either with friends or watching a documentary no so much on the forums besides shooting a pic or two of what I'm smoking. Cheers
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    Yep same - lol

    Still, its arguably more fun to contribute while sober because it is easier to put my thoughts together in an understandable manner.
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    when I'm sober...
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  13. I'm always high soo?
  14. I've come here sober a time or two, and yes, it always makes me wanna smoke like a motherfucker, which is why 98.9% of the time that I'm on here and posting, I'm pancaked off my ass. It's the only way.

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    I ove browsing GC sober. Shits hilarious, But the way I post, quality, and content of my post makes things extremely evident when I am not sober.

    I am always smoking so idk if that counts or not. [​IMG]

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