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  1. 39E0E3A8-FB88-4648-A56E-79E4308654CE.jpeg 8BB74DBC-5C66-4EC0-AD2B-033D11087D25.jpeg 42793E59-25DA-4520-9E8D-DD51BD8C4EA4.jpeg A0089942-9B3B-449D-A22B-E6D9AAB88349.jpeg F61651C0-A53C-473C-9C60-76BE5834700F.png D144AFEF-913A-41C0-B5C5-C95E1CA996A3.jpeg A8A3602E-0561-4CE3-8C95-1CB6C7D46197.jpeg First time grower here and I ran into a issue with my plant. Today makes day 18 since the seed sprouted and been under 18/6 light with only being fed 6.5-7ph balance water. No nutrients yet. I noticed today only on one leaf a brownish/yellow tip. Here’s the soil I’ve been using and again we don’t do much to the plants right now just water them every 4-5 days. Now 5 days ago we did transfer them from solo cups to 5 galloon pots using root magic. They were fine but when we did that on Sunday and as of yesterday(Wednesday) we noticed this leaf.
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  2. Is that on more than one leaf tip? Ph of 7 is too high I normally PH 6.0-6.5 look up the PH chart and decide for yourself what nutes you want more available but 7 will lock out some nutes.
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  3. its seems to be just on the one leaf tip and al the new growth looks ok at the moment so think its ok ,,if the potting mix your using as nutrients added be careful for the first few weeks the potting mix should see your plants though the next few weeks ,then when you do start feeding just try feeding half strength nutes or even quarter strength at first to see how plant reacts to the feeding ,,,,,luck with your grow ,,,mac,
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  4. 15183A24-66C6-4029-A182-E23D17FFEA2C.jpeg C3F7D40F-A90F-46B9-847D-C6A78C6D2DE9.jpeg 68B2B037-AF04-4AFE-97C3-5093968E0EED.jpeg
    Thanks usually the ph of the water we buy for the plants (shop rite brand filter water) is usually at 6.8. But moving forward I will definitely try and main 6-6.5 ph. And yes out of all the plant that the only leaf with this issue. Also as I mentioned today makes day 18, so you have a humidity suggestion. Right now the humidity in our tent gets as low as 40 and can get as high as 80 but usually stays between 40-70
  5. 02846889-E0EF-4895-B591-718A0F0A09C3.jpeg 7F13F81B-D99A-4CEB-95B0-208EF2390234.jpeg
    Yes, just that one leaf, hopefully no more developed. Ill check as soon as I get home to see if any other leafs got affected. But as of Tuesday that has been the only affected leaf. We did also move the fan because we thought it could have possibly been wind burn. Could be wrong, seen it on YouTube but we was thinking that may have been a cause but again totally clueless. Only thing we noticed in the other plants are that they look like they are bending but it could just be us over worrying. This is our first grow and just hoping it can make it through entire process.
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  6. Humidity depends on temperature. If you look up the VPD chart it will tell you the sweet spot where the stomata is opening and closing for the plants best respiration. 40% RH is low for sure and may cause stress.
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  7. Here it is.

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  8. Thanks, I will do some more homework on the humidity and temperature

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