browning tips on flowering plants

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  1. hey i got 2, 6 1/2 foot plants going and they are bushy as hell. the only problem is, is that the tips on some of the leaves are turning a dark brown and dry. It hasnt rained for 3 weeks, but have watered it with a gallon of water every 2 days. every third watering was with neuts. been flowering for about 3 weeks. is the tips turning brown kinda normal for this time? sorry no pics because my camera is broke
  2. Browning tips is usually an indication of nute burn although in your case I am not sure that is the case.... When you feed them nutes do you feel like you are going really heavy with them??
  3. What kind of nutes are you giving them? If your are still giving them a high nitrogen nute this could be the problem. Since they are flowering you should be giving them a nute higher in phosphorus such as 10-35-10 if your nutes are showing an NPK of 35-10-10 it is the wrong nutes for flowering. Try backing off the nutes for a week and only water when they need it. Check the soil moistue with your finger about an inch or two deep. If it is moist, not wet don't water it. After a week of no nutes get you some epsom salt and sprinkle 1 tablespoon per foot of plant height around your plant then water about a gallon of water per plant. You possible have nute burn, that's what it sounds like. Are you in the ground or buckets/pots? If in buckets/pots, flush your plants with about 4 gallons of water. Let the water run through the soil out the bottom and don't water the plant again for a few days just check for moisture. Then do the instruction above but cut the epsom salt and water in half if in buckets/pots. 1/2 tablespoon per foot of plant height and water with about a 1/2 to 3/4 of a gallon of water per plant. It's not going to change over night, give it a week or two to see the progress. Remember the last 3 or 4 weeks of flowering before harvest you don't want to give it nothing but water and sugar (4 tbls per gallon) or water and molasses (4 tbls per gallon). NO NUTES LAST 3 OR 4 WEEKS BEFORE HARVEST!! This is just what I would do..
  4. Definitely sounds like nutrient burn. If its a potted plant the fertilizer has accumalated over time in the soil and has built up to the point of burning the plant....

    Are the leaves twisting?

    Mg deficiency usually is general yellowing of leaves...

    Stop using chemical (pertoleum based) fertilizers. Start using a high quality liquid organic fertilizer (fox farm, earth juice, etc.). Dual benefit: really hard to burn with / imporved "taste" of the herb.

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