Browning Taco Leaves!!

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    This is my first grow. bagseed (not og kush)
    Watering with Tap or bottled water when the soil drys out a bit.
    CFL 2 23watt 6500k & 1 23watt 2700k light about 3 inches from the top of the plant (more 6500 lights soon)
    promix soil tested the PH it was neutral possibly a bit acidic.

    leaves started turning under and then turning brown. I hate to see the thing suffer! :eek:

    link to grow journal

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  2. That looks like a nute burn. Have you used nutes or ferts lately?
  3. Just a couple of things. Does that soil mix have any ferts in it and have you been feeding it ? How much if so. Also I would thoroughly check the stems and under the leaves to rule out pests if you haven't already. If you are feeding it, leaves curling under and a wet shiny apperance to the leaves can mean overfert. Can't be much more help than that right now.
  4. I havent given the plant any nutes yet at all and the soil doesnt have any ferts in it.

    Ive been looking at pics of plants that were to close to the lights and that looks like my problem. I think she got burnt by the lights :eek:
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    Hmmm. It seems apparent to me that you need to nail down the PH of your soil, stat. Do you have a PH pen? If so, what model? Do you know how to calibrate it and store it?

    *EDIT* Just read your journal. Forgot to ask you what your humidity is at? Also, If money is an issue and getting a PH pen isnt feasible, get a 2nd inexpensive PH kit to test your levels.

    Very strange. She seems to be on a gradual decline since the 10th(barring new growth of course) based on your pics.

    Im willing to bet this is a PH issue.
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    I got a 5$ PH tester, its got little capsuls that you open up and pour the powder into the little tube and mix it with the soil. Ill take another sample today.

    Im going to get some Foxfarm BigGrow and im going to try to transplant her soon. Ill keep an eye out for a PH pen!

    i raised the lights about 2 inches to see if anything changes. Im not sure on the humidity level.:(

    Also im using this soil mix with 8 other plants including cannabis and they dont show any curling or browning (yet). None of those plants are as old as this plant. :confused:
  7. ZeroStar is correct - if you are using ProMix then you need to adjust the ph to 5.8 before feeding. That's a soiless mix (hence no nutes) and you are playing by hydro rules. To play that game you need a good ph meter, period. It's an investment, and well worth spending the money on. The last thing you check before feeding is ph, and the the first thing you check when having problems is the ph. Without good readings you run the risk of making problems much worse and.

    Good luck man! ProMix is freaking awesome, get the ph in check and you will be kicking some ass :D
  8. Thanks so much for the input! :D What nutes would you recommend?
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    Well, when it comes to adjusting PH, I use Distilled vinegar to decrease PH(more acidic) and baking soda to increase it(more basic). These work very well in incredibly small amounts to adjust the PH drastically to what you need. For instance, 1/2 tsp of vinegar will adjust the PH of 1 gallon of water down 1.5-2pts. The same minute amounts apply to the baking soda. 1/4 tsp can affect the PH by as much as 1.5-2 pts up.

    If you use these two items in connection with a good digital read out PH pen(Milwaukee PH600 pen is the best starter pen on the market IMO) you can adjust your PH cheaply and easily. The other key factor with this is of course the quality of water you begin with. Reverse Osmosis or distilled water is the best way to go. You can use tap water, but then you have to start paying attention to the PPM(parts per million) of the water so that you are not introducing trace minerals that will affect the plant.

    When it comes to nutes, I have no direct experience to compare to, but I will be using Fox Farm Grow Big during Vegetation and Fox Farm Tiger Bloom and molasses during flowering. These nutes, when properly applied are the best bang for your buck from what I have been reading.

    *EDIT* If you check out the progression of my journal you will see evidence of the slight deficiencies of the PH in my grow and how adjustments in the right direction have started to correct this. The last pics I took were yesterday, and I just re-watered tonight with PH adjusted water. 3 hours after watering, they all started to lose the twisting and contortions in the leaves. They now look the best that they ever have. Better than the last pics I posted.
  10. I've used the Fox Farms trio with much success (still use them for my veggies) and I really like the Botanicare CNS17 series, it slightly out performs FF IMO. I like to use well known brands - makes getting help and comparing a lot easier.

    Both of the above mentioned are fair in price, some nutes are incredibly expensive and have a shitload of supplements, I try to avoid those. The FF basic trio works great from seed to harvest, but they have lots of supplements too.

    Good luck!
  11. I found a local hydro shop and picked up the FoxFarm trio! I have 8 plants about 2 weeks old right now, i will start a grow journal on those soon.

    Thanks for all your help!!:D

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