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Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by duperdutch, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. Are they worth making and going through all the trouble to do it? I've been thinking about making some brownies to get a really nice buzz, the house is mine for the next 3 weeks so I can pretty much destroy the house. No, haha. Kidding. What would be a good amount of grams to put in brownies? 2g of chronic? :metal:
  2. yes they are worth it.

    i would use at least a quarter
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    Hello there, so you're thinking of making some edibles eh? Good on ya. 2g is not nearly enough for a full batch of brownies though, or are you making an abbreviated batch? :)

    Here's a great recipe in the link below, it includes a full on photo tutorial of both the canna-butter/oil and brownie making process, you can alter the amount of bud/oil if you need, and come up with something you can work with. Good luck!

    ** here are a couple shots from the thread...


  4. Yeah man, there's a whole forum for edibles.
  5. ^ What he said.. it's true :)

    If you wanted to use just your 2g's people have given you some good options over there, I've never tried the 'firecrackers', don't think they'd work well enough on me with my tolerance, but you may want to give them a go. Good luck!
  6. i wouldent bake directly with it....take 2 sticks of butter melt it to a liquid in a crock pot

    than pour the weed in

    let sit for 24 hours...

    drain, refridgerate

    use amout as directed...u may have left overs...

    check out my pickup the bottom is 7 pounds of cannabutter:D

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