Brownies with semi-moist cannabis URGRENT

Discussion in 'General' started by exsequor, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. alright so my buddies couldn't wait and decided to grind up one of our plants while it was semi-dry but still greenish and moistish. They are making canna butter and understand exactly how it's made. Will these brownies that we're making with the canna butter get us high? I need firsthand experience asap
  2. don't have experience, but theoretically, it should work just the same.
  3. That's what i was thinking, since the cannabinoids are still there, they are just not at their prime smoking state. however, when cooking properly into a lipid, it should get absorbed the same, right??
  4. I used fresh cut plant matter, it was a nice female about 3-4 weeks early that my friends dad grew.......we chopped it up, tossed it in the food processor, tossed some in the vegeble oil, let it soak a bit then strained and put in the mix, then we tossed hella in after the mix was done. They were hella dank when finished, i was really gone after half of one......eating 3 was great :D
  5. I used fresh plant matter, and it turned out great. Dumped like a QP into 1 batch and ate half right out of the oven :D That had a few points where it wasn't really fun anymore, lmao. I lost like 3 days and was still feeling it for the rest of the week... I cooked mine with butter though (1 stick), and some water to keep it from getting too hot. Cooked a few hours, strained, refrigerated, and dropped the butter into the brownie mix :D
  6. It will get you just as high as dry weed. The only downside is that it might taste worse. Fresh weed tends to have a grass clipping taste and smell. All the bad tasting stuff has not had a chance to break down yet. Cooking with uncured weed is similar to smoking uncured weed, tastes worse but still gets you high.
  7. ^^^ Actually my brownies tasted exactly like they would have if i used dried/cured nugs.....but way stronger then the ones i've had made with dried/cured nugs. I used about a 1/2 lb. between the brownies and the tea.......I was stoned for 4-5 days straight, all day.....breakfast brownie, lunch brownie, and dinner brownie....lmao, plus all the weed i smoked between them made those days really forgettable :p i usually tossed them in a microwave for like 10 - 20 seconds before i ate them just to kinda soften them up and make them warm. Enjoy!!

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