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Brownies with brown weed, worth the trouble?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by RipperOfBongs, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. Backstory:

    One of my old connects from back in the day hit me up a month ago saying he had a super cheap O he grew. Even though this kid is straight stupid I was like Ehh why not let me check it out. Bad decision the shit was downtown reggie brown. Three bowls and we weren't even high. So obviously passed it.

    Well anyways I just saw him and being nice I was like so did you find a taker. And he then told me he had a half of shake from it.

    So I'm thinking of trying to get a buddy to split it and pay like 30 for it to make edibles with. But I have never dealt with edibles(well making them haha) so my question is, would using the half of shake and then like a q of dank nugs be worthwhile or just a waste of time and tree?

    Haha sorry if this is straight stupid just took a massive rip so makes sense to me lol.

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  2. $30 for a half OZ of weak shake sounds ify but be that as it may, I would just use that and not mix it with dank. Some people make edibles from fan leaves and stems. Do an extraction and you can adjust the strength. It's a lot of work but...
    Grind the half even finer if you can. Decarb to be on the safe side. Stick it and some Everclear in the freezer for 24 hours. Mix the shake with 200 ml of cold Everclear and shake for 15 minutes then back in the freezer overnight. Shake it for 15 min again and filter. Put the weed back in the jar and add 200 ml fresh Everclear. Shake 15 min then back in the freezer overnight. Filter and combine the alcohol extracts. Use a bouble boiler to evaporate off the alcohol to about 4 oz. Melt 4 oz of coconut oil and mix it with the 4 oz. of alcohol extract. Put the coconut oil in the refrig and it will solidify. Use it to make 12 servings of brownies.
    I recommend the cold alcohol extraction because using the water/pot/oil extractionn will, I think, make the edibles taste grassy because the pot is so week.
  3. People used schwag mostly just for edibles...
    Since for most eating any THC will impact them much harder than smoking it also because smoking that shit is probably not very good.
    It couldn't hurt to make a small batch of brownies so it's more potent per dose.
    Still follow all the critical steps in baking though.  I would skip the decarbing process as it's probably all naturally done so.

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