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Brownies or just smoke?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by uremom3, Oct 11, 2014.

  1. Well ive got a concert to go to wednesday and was getting an ounce of some kill but im not sure what to do ive never made brownies before or ate them but i dont wanna come down in the middle of the concert and im not sure if i should bring anythig i there because i dont live in a med state or anything. What do you guys think i should do?
  2. Half o to brownies and half o to smoke. Or just make a couple gs in a fire cracker, you definitely wont come down in the middle of the concert with edibles if you make em right. Be sure to decarb and use lots of fats (cooking oil, butter, peanut butter)
  3. The only problem is i dont really wanna use it all i that one day, and idk it just feels wrong to throw some really good weed i some cooking oil and just hope to get high as fuck...
  4. It's a concert, lots of cannabis consumption going on at those... brownies never satisfy me the way a nice bowl will.
  5. No way you'd smoke half and eat half to yourself in one day at a concert in my opinion.

    A half-o in a batch of edibles would go a long way. A couple grams could put most people on the couch for the night.

    If you're just going to cook for yourself, you can make some POTENT single servings of canna coconut oil with a gram or two. I wouldn't eat more than 1-2 grams if I wanted to be functional

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  6. Yeah but it will be indoors and im just paranoid about drug dogs or being patted down before i go in. Its a dizzy wright concert so some people will def be trying to bring weed in

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  7. Just make some potent edibles and eat them before going in. Then you have nothing on you. Make an edible with however much you smoke in a sesh and you'll be in a great place for the whole concert

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  8. Roll joints and smoke em at the concert. I still do that to this day.
  9. How would i go about making one brownie for me?
  10. IMO brownies will make you sleepy, or lazy. Smoke a joint before you go

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