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Brownies On A Plane And Cruise?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by LucasSmokes, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. So I am going on a cruise with my family and my friends family in a few days and im bringing a couple of brownies. We're leaving out of florida and i live in texas so we have to fly there. Has anyone done this before? how would i go about doing this? should i carry them on the plane or put them in my checked bag? what about when i get on the ship? should i carry them on? 
    please don't try to convince me not to do this unless you have a legit story or evidence that proves its a terrible idea. 
    thanks in advance

  2. The airport dogs will go crazy over your Brownies they still can smell it even if its been baked into the Brownies.
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    Your better of sending the weed in the mail than bringing it in an airport
    Edit:Still a really bad idea. The xray will pick it up if you carry it on your body. If you deny X-ray it may seem suspicious to your folks and the security basically hand rape searches you.
    Best bet: Put them in your ass.

    Chief Schmokey Schmoke of the Tchokers Tribe
  4. carry them on. on a cruise last year we just brought bud. smoked outside. all was good. kinda funny "caught" couple other people burning to. don't worry take a littletoker or bowl. slip off to the back of the ship after dark, and hit it. the smoke always travels toward the rear of the boat. we even sat at the rear of the boat and puffed at will while we ate lunch one day.just triple bag or air tight container your reefer, then roll it up in your underwear in your carry on bag and carry it on. believe me it has  been done . :)
  5. in my opinion you should be fine. weed brownies smell like regular brownies haha. ive never seen a drug dog at the airport (im pretty sure they're looking for cocaine and guns and stuff like that, not weed that's been baked into a delicious thing). bringing actual buds is a bad idea, because those smell and have an unmistakable look. but brownies? duuude you're good. put them with some regular brownies if you're so paranoid but the only way they could know is if they ate some themselves and that will never happen. i say bring them as a carry on and eat one for the plane ride :D
    and the cruise ship? you shouldn't worry about that for a second. it's a vacation boat, security is not going to expect a little tupperware of brownies :p
    also, just so you knw  my experience, i have never brough weed brownies on a plane (just cause i never needed to) but i have brought acid dropped on sugarcubes from texas to california. i took them as a carry-on. a little wierd carrying a box of sugarcubes huh :p but no one gave me any problems.
  6. don't remember seeing dogs at the airport.
    and put what in your ass? a brownie? yuck!
  7. I think there's a 99% chance you'll be okay taking it on a plane as long as humans dont smell it. Ive never seen sniffing dogs at an airport. I ate a brownie once at LAX since I got paranoid before checking in and decide to eat it. I felt like this was even more risky (albiet wouldnt be a federal crime if I was caught since I wasnt technically bringing it on a plane) because it really smelled when I ate it. One little girl nearby mentioned it smelled like a skunk. I got real lucky and was really "flying" on my flight to Maui.
  8. just don't carry liquids, metals, or anything else that will have TSA search it.  When you check your bags they go through an L3 x-ray. If the xray sees it as suspect, it gets separated and goes to the TSA room where they open it up. They look through it and wipe about 3 items with this cloth, then they put the cloth in this other machine that is basically like a dogs nose and detects stuff.  If you want to bring brownies, bring other snack food as well in case it gets searched by dogs but i really doubt it.  These machines are more for picking up explosive material.  Same with the dogs, they are mostly sniffing for explosive material.  I walk by these dogs everyday to get to my work area while having a spliff mixed in a cig box.
    the xray machines under the airport are actually pretty cool.   it shows you a 3d image of the inside of the bag.  you can zoom in and flip around items on screen before you even open it.  I work underneath with the luggage. spend 10 hour shifts just watching TSA go through bags.  they wont go through your bag unless the machine sees it as suspect. try to just pack clothes and the snacks. no liquids, creams, gels, etc 
    and if you ever wondered if your bag has been inspected, it will actually say "TSA Inspected" on either a sticker or a bag tag.
    also, make sure your zippers are not going to break. dont over stuff your bag.  Your bag will get thrown around a few times, so If the bag breaks open due to a popped zipper, it will be searched.
    I say ups/fedex your brownies to your destination. If you stay in a hotel, you can mail it to your room if you've made reservations or just mail it to the hotel address with your full name on it, when you check in, tell them you're expecting a package.  My cousin uses ups to send me edibles from dispensaries since im not in a medical/legal state.  never been seized.  just received sour thc candy last week from him.
  9. They don't smell at all like pot. They smell like totally normal brownies. I'm just concerned about the dongs. I don't remember seeing any but I've never really been looking for them.
  10. So putting it in my checked bag would be better than in my backpack which im carrying on?
  11. I know more about the checked bags process..
    I've gone through the TSA checkpoint at the gates but I was in the employee line. And the agents that search you in public seem way stricter than the ones I work with underneath.

    Just don't make it look obvious. Bring some candy bars and stuff. If you have more than one bag, put just clothes and the food in one and everything else in the other. Maybe wrap the brownie in plastic wrap, buy a small brownie from a gift shop in the airport, then put the price sticker on your brownie. If I was TSA I would be more suspicious of the non priced brownie. But I don't think it would come down to that. Lol
  12. How do you know? I'm not trying to be a dick or anything its just that everybody says "i think you would get caught" but i can't seem to find any evidence at all of someone getting caught with a brownie at an airport. 

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