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Brownies: Mids vs. Dank

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by The True HD, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. A friend and I are planning on making some edibles before I go off to Uni in two weeks, and I was curious as to the differences between using a smaller quantity of dank ( 1/4 o) vs a higher quantity of mids ( ~2 o) given that both would cost about the same? I'm a strictly dank kind of guy, but I've seen posts stating that mids in brownies still get you quite high. I'd be employing the instructions I've learned on here, like using coconut oil, decarbing, etc. We'd probably have 1 or 2 each whenever it is we eat them, but I'd be saving the majority of them for the first few weeks of school. So which would those of you with edible experience recommend? Open for any tips and suggestions as well. Thanks in advance blades :smoke:

  2. Man my dick itches
  3. mids. They are unproportionally cheap, meaning that they cost about 1/4 of dank in my experience, but probably have about half the thc and cbd's or more. Using dank for edibles is a waste, imo.
  4. go with the mids unless its nasty ass brick weed
  5. this ^ a lot of ppl use an o of reggie for edibles and they turn out amazing
  6. Well I just got dank right now and I'm so high honestly I'm sticking with this for smoking and Reggie for edibles. 2 gs for 40 and week plus a ten sack of Reggie I'll make firecrackers with Reggie. Thanks for the advice guys :)
  7. Use Dank.

    You won't regret it.

  8. Any personal experiences? :p

    And as of most of you have suggested, I'm leaning slightly towards using mids for the brownies. What would be the ideal option: 2 batches 1 o each or 1 batch using the full 2 o's?

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