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Brownies: indica or sativa?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by redhead420, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. Making brownies for the first time, and I don't know the difference in how they get you high. All I've tried are highbrids, which I love, but I want to try something new and different.

    I'm either using a pure indica, or a pure sativa - which would you recommend for brownies? Any good strains for brownies?
  2. doesnt really matter what strains i put in, i always get a body high from edibles
  3. I don't think it really matters cause with cooking you can just compress a lot into a little, but if you really wanted to THC% would be what to go for
  4. I have always had a very clear and clean body high. Probly the purest high i have had from weed. I used half oz of some dank for one batch of brownies. I was high for about 6-7 hours from a 1"x2"x2" square.
  5. I would use the indica but they would both work.

    Edibles give a body high. So do indicas. Maybe it will be stronger?
  6. This is true, my friend made brownies with a pure (or close to it lol) indica strain. It was the biggest body high i have ever had. I smoke sativa normally, but for brownies, I would suggest indica.
  7. Well, considering brownies are mainly a body high, I think it makes sense to go sativa dominant so you get more of a head high to go with the body high.
  8. Use whichever one you prefer to smoke.
  9. Becuase, as has been stated, edibles seem to give a better body high, I like to use a 60%/40% Satvia/Indica mix in my brownies. That way I have a great body high and I don't get couch lock.
  10. If you use a heavily sativa strain it will not be an indica high lol
  11. A highbird?

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