Brownies in the teachers lounge?

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  1. sounds like a first timer here
  2. I added an additional quote to the article.

    "It was the only food eaten by all six people who reported fatigue, stumbling and other symptoms, including having the greatest time of there lives!"
  3. they aren't sickened! THEY ARE FUCKIN STONED! fuck the media and their bullshit
  4. CDC officials said the incident was a reminder that marijuana can be a source of food-borne illnesses.

    lol i guess being super high is an illness now.
  5. "A leftover brownie tested by the Los Angeles Police Department contained chemicals that come from marijuana. CDC officials said the incident was a reminder that marijuana can be a source of food-borne illnesses. "

    ha wow. a fuckin pot brownie...tested.
  6. LOL pot isnt samonila! its fuckin amazing! hahahaha so fuckin retarded
  7. Sickened... Wow. I hate people.
  8. man i have shortness of breaths after i hit my bowl!
  9. HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!! Thats a scary fuckin story, I'm glad they are ok, they really dodged a bullet there, did you know pot could kill you?!?!?!:eek::rolleyes:

    Teacher: Help, I've ingested a dose of cannabinoids that is 1/5 of what is normally produced by my body on it's own...
  10. haha sounds like a damn good time

    although it make you understand how preschool teachers do their work (stoned)

    haha im gonna teach preschool if i get free pot brownies lol
  11. Yeah funny how the teachers where all stoned but that's a stupid thing to do to people. I hope the cops find the person.
  12. LMAO! I love the line in the middle! "Suspicion immediately fell on the brownie" After everyone starts to feel all stoned, they all realize that the brownie is the source of their sickness. Then they all stare at the brownies for a little too long and think in their head...."fuck you brownies"
  13. i bet a few of the teachers actually like it.
  14. I so wish I was one of those teachers. Teaching Kindergarten would be awesome high.
  15. "The teacher did not consume any, but her adult son ate two."

    Haha. He knew what was up after the first one and came back for seconds. He didn't get "sick."
  16. $1.50 magic brownies damn i need to go there
  17. food-borne illnesses.............are you fucking kidding me
  18. lol the kid was crushin brownies. the comeup must have been nuts if unsuspected.
  19. that makes no sense cus if it was just cannabutter than the marijuana would not even be a

    factor. had to have been the eggs or something , but i bet they just through up because they thought

    were sick, not cus they actually were.

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